Korea vs. the West (skins and trailers quality)

This is what they get while we got undyable skins for the better part of the year.
How will you guys ever reach parity @Roxx if Korea always gets better newer shinier skins? Look at the quality and the manner of how they present their skins. They present their newest creations as if they love what they do. What do we get here in the West? Low effort low quality pics on some landing page.

Please think of an actual solution to truly reach parity in terms of skins. I am tired of getting scraps and poor quality or second-hand clothes from KR.

I am actually melting with jealousy over here.

There is also a complete lack of respect for the original product. You didn’t even include the Brelshaza music in the trailer when you have one of the most epic OSTs on your hands…

To sum it up, everything is done better in KR.
Why can’t we have nice things too?

  • KR always be superior, because its a KR Game duh!
  • SG will 1st prioritize KR and others are secondary (i know, it hurts)
  • We’re not even 1year yet
  • People who sells you the game or advertise it are back in KR or WOW (LostArk respects your time -idk some streamer probably)
  • AGS gonna milk them whales baby
  • AGS will capitalize and will profit those costumes like the Pheons incident, they aint losing some of those droplets baby.

*TLDR its sadge and painful.


Arent we suppose to get information about December’s QOL or whatever this week as per Roxx?She specifically said on forums in 1 of the post that we’ll get it early week. Its wednesday and nothing. So i guess AGS’s early is Sunday 23:59 or Tuesday 23:59?

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They will never put any effort into marketing this game. They can’t even bother to copy paste their marketing XD
@Roxx Is something ever going to be done? Or ags can’t afford to hire someone to translate their promotional page to english?

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listen lost ark is out for 4 year something like that in korea they have tons of bad skins, undyiable ones, good skins etc

amazon in a purpose economy gives the bad ones first so you buy them cause you have nothing and then you’ll buy the good ones cause they are good ?

if they give us the good one first why would we buy the bad and old ones right ?

this is disgusting ofc but we are talking about amazon here

i still dont buy the bad old ones tho :smile: i just dont buy anything then kekw


you are doing the good choice but i have seen a lot of people playing with thrash skin, buying the useless packs at 40 even 100 buck so amazon will still slow down the good things like skins / leg skins / mileage skin, yoho mount stuff like that

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well some of those ppl think those skins are gonna be worth a lot later
i have bad news for them cause the skin is still bad and chances are nobody will buy it anyway xDD


their favorite streamer paid by amazon or have good relationship told them so yeah

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