Korean client gives 2 t3 powerpasses and a -40% damage taken +20% damage buff, along with regular nerfs

Im sorry but the ego on our western version is just out of control.

Idk if this is trickling down from the streamers and their toxic mentality or what but let me clear some things up because these so called hardcore players are ruining the experience for alot of players.

The korean and russian clients have regularly recieved nerfs over the last 2 years based on player data, smilegate is not ags, they track player metrics and balance content based on the performance of their players.

The devs behind the game have the mindset that they want players to easily reach endgame so they dont get burnt out on the many layers of systems and quit.

What the devs DO NOT WANT are western man children screaming at everyone in party chat to “quit the game now you stupid noob, if you die now you have no chance in endgame, go back to WoW”.

This has to stop, this mindset is 100% BS, the Korean client is a candyland to boost you to T3, facts, please stop parroting what your favorite streamer says or just stop acting tough, its a video game.

I am so sick of watching another player tell someone else to quit the game EVERY matchmaking session, do better.


Why would the game give out T3 powerpasses when the game has only been released for a month so far.

In korea they have had the game for years now. Makes sense they give out T3 powerpasses so people can join the endgame.

I do agree with your statement that people shouldn’t be toxic in matchmaking…


thats sad. i heard that you get an t3 character at start. where is the fun, if you get everything fast and for free? its the same like people are cheating and using guides to find all mokoko seeds etc. instead to explore the game for yourself. and then they complain, that they already finished everything, that the game has no content and game is too easy and boring. they just ruin the game for themself. i dont want to get an t3 character for free. i want to work hard for it, earn it with effort and have something i could be proud of myself.


How long Korean servers are out 4 or 5 years…? yeaaa

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This is the last hope of Noobie Doobies wiping on Tytalos still even after nerfs. Ya all want everything free and delivered to your hands. Yeah they should give you powerpass and mokoko buff so you can kill all the guardians solo godmode without even trying. You are right.


Then again you have to think about it’s been out for over 3 years over there. You have a bunch of players that can teach you mechanics AND KR new players are willing to look up guides on how the boss work before trying to beat it in a group. They are willing to learn mechanics and read what the boss will do.

While over here we have: 'Why should I look up mechanics? The game should tell me!" or “It is not indicated correctly! I want more time to react to it!” or “OMG Why does the boss oneshot me? This NEEDS NERF ASAP EVERYBODY WANT IT!” and there could be way more examples.

Perfect example is that the t1 t2 abyss dungeons had to be nerfed even though they weren’t anything challenging. They only had 1 mechanic and nothing else. The mentality isn’t the same over here as on KR version. You have to accept it.


We just have to gather up all the adetusastartes and ship them back to New World. The best part is all the boasters are like ilv550, I have an alt at 1056 lol.

Stop confusing wanting people to act like human beings with being bad at the game, thanks.

  1. All other regions (KR/RU/JP) have a consistent balance. Only NA/EU needs to be balanced differently.

  2. Korea has had the game for several years prior to receiving any kind of acceleration towards T3 content.

  3. T3 content is not in any way easier than T1 & T2 content. In fact, a lot of it is more difficult.

  4. T3 content is not in any way better at teaching mechanics than T1 & T2 content.

  5. T3 Guardian Raids are not somehow quicker for your alts to run than T1 & T2 content.

  6. Seto, Muguro, Albion, Velganos & Dark Yoho are amongst the first things you’ll see and they’re much harder than Tytalos & Achates.


LOL! I am sitting on 1340 GS without swiping a cent. What the hell are you talking about bro. Just hug your body pillow and start crying “B-b-b-but w-w-e need a t3 p-powerpass!!”


People like you dont even understand the post, omg, actual omg dude.

The post states that the other 2 clients get significant boosts so the slight nerfs we got do not make our client inferior or everyone bad.

The fact I have to explain it you says its all.


Ill be in game the rest of the day, I only post in the mornings, unlike some…if the adults can add some constructive stuff between the gitgud replies im sure new players will appreciate it.

Do you think i was talking about NK or CH?


SK is not the modern paradise you think.

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The problem is, We didn’t got the “slight nerfs” just because the content needed to be nerfed. I passed nearly all of the guardians with only the recommended GS, Okay, Firefox was a bit pain in the back but I didn’t even care. And I am not a hardcore player with a gaming chair and gaming glasses. I am just a player who plays the game the way it intended to play.

We got the nerfs introduced because after a week players started to beg for korean powerpasses and started to cry on tytalos because they didn’t even READ a 3 minute guide and got in with a lvl 1 grudge lvl 2 attack reduce buff lmao. Since they Pressed G on every single god-damn purple quest and could not lift their McDonalds asses to read a guide they don’t even know there is a thing named ENGRAVING.

What do you think if they start nerfing the content this early? What do you think those sugar-coated baby-sit oh-dear oh-dear players reach to current engame content? They won’t get to any party who is willing to clear fast, they won’t clear the raids and stuff with their other baby-sit player friends, and start yelling NERF PLEASE!! again.

Also, do you have any idea why in korea the game is like that?

The korean version is out for 3 GOD DAMN YEARS. there are LOT MORE CONTENT RELEASED. So THEY HAVE TO PROGRESS in a DIFFERENT LINE than OURS. I suggest you to get this to your thick skull mate and you will process whole thing faster.


because reach tier 3 is nothing, the game start at t3 with the raids


Extremely offensive


Reality usually is.

idk why people don’t feel embarrassed that when games get ported to their region they have to be nerfed so they can play them.

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KR servers have powerpass because they had the game for years, T3 isn’t anything new for them, the game is pretty news for NA/EU so no we don’t need powerpass. If you want even explaination as to why it’s a bad idea, KR or even RU farmed the game for years (T1 and T2 included), by doing so they acquired the skill and mechanics knowledge required to do T3 content, i don’t mean the first part we got which is the easy part but the hard part of T3 which has to come in our version.
If AGS/Smilegate give T3 powerpass to our version we’re gonna be stuck with people who doesn"t even know how the game really work and some are gonna cry about the game being too hard or lost because they didn’t even opened the tutorial in game even though they’re already T1 and T2 and think the game is all about hitting hard to get past boss (Oh boy i’m waiting for that kind of people when Legion gonna drop).
Hell, people are already crying about honing even though there’s plenty of content to help them progress fast toward T3, imagine if you drop them in said tier where the drops are normalized …

And btw we have the KR client patch, the hp buff on raid was done in KR before we got the release of the game (around december if i remember right). So yep, misinformation and ego is what get in the way of many people like you actually. Just stop whinning, learn the game, explore the content without rushing because trust me you’re gonna be part of the numerous people stuck when they’re gonna land in T3 later…


Asmongold got to T3 by being donated thousands of material for free, yall can do it too!


Ah and another point, most of you have been influenced by streamers and think the game is all about rushing endgame, you’re playing it wrong…
Just stop following guides too much and enjoy the game yourself like all game should be played.

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