Korean Language Please

Dear, Lost Ark NA GMs.
Hi, I am a player who wait for Lost Ark NA server open.
Firstly, I appreciate about you guys adding Korean voice pack
into the game.
You know Lost Ark is originally Korean game
and there are many Koreans live in North America.
I understand you guys work so hard on localize the game
to NA. Currently, 2,000,000 Koreans live in NA. If you add
Korean language into the game, Korean gamer communities
will be so happy and play more. Please add Korean into the game,
and make bigger Korean community in the game.


Many of overseas Korean resident waited this game long time. They took a lot of pride in this game, but they couldn’t play the game on the Korean server because of regional locks.
The North American server is now open, but the Korean language has been intentionally deleted. We can play in English, but Korean is more convenient. Because we are Korean.
I can’t even chat in Korean with my Korean friends.


Korean is there but it is still broken, despite the supposed “fix” they implemented a few days ago. Even as a non-korean, i want to switch to KR language ASAP. English voice acting is ATROCIOUS at the VERY LEAST. It’s like their voice acting budget was 20 dollars.