Korean patch notes will be very negative for a lot of us if it comes to soon

So after reading the korean patch notes I was a bit worried, I’m not sure when these patch notes will come to our servers but hopefully they do take a while to get here. While there is alot of buffs in the patch notes there is also alot of nerfs. Now for us who have put the passed 2 months into a character that has just been completely nerfed would mean that if these patch notes hit our servers before relic gear is released, We’re pretty much going to have to completely regear our character. For sure it’s no big deal if you’re in t1/t2 but if you’re already at the end of the game and invested thousands of gold into your t3 legendary equipment it has such a negative impact, Since this gear is now useless and we’ve practically wasted all of our gold. Now of course if this patch comes to us at the same time relic gear comes, Then it’s not a issue at all and nobody has wasted hundreds of hours for nothing.


Actually a good thing we get to see what’s to come in advanced. Gives you time to switch your build or to start pumping up your alt to be your new main before the patch hits here.


Yes it’s true, but key words are ‘Gives you time’

There were no class-breaking nerfs in the test server, just damage nerfs to the 3 classes that had too much damage in the first place. Also, its patch notes for a test server that is for testing and is not the live release.


I’m sorry but i don’t agree with you, Some builds got completely nerfed. Meaning they wont be viable if the patch goes live.

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Besides it is just in a test setting AND we have no clue if/when we’d even get them. They all seemed like pretty boring % increase/decreases to skills. Nothing should make people run from berserker or flock to scrapper (although I am happy that it might affect me at some point).

Even the engraving tweaks are miniscule overall, I’d have to go back but I don’t think anything was like “This engraving now makes berserker ranged and use expertise”.

Actually did any class want to change up a working build because of this patch? Berserker and igniter seemed to get biggest nerfs and I wouldn’t call those gamebreaking (KR testing shows 7% DPS loss on berserker with better synergy). Surge 50% looks rough.

What class / spec did you play that got destroyed where it can’t function?

If you think Ignition sorcs and Surge DB , mayhem were fine . Then whatever ,


The patch notes all look great to me. Can’t wait for them to get to our servers


Esoteric wardancer, Lost its main/only source of crit… It’s already one of the weakest class out there. The 20% damage buff doesn’t do much if you lost all your crit. Meaning esoteric wardancer builds will be useless and will need to go crit / first intention build

If you think wardancer is weak in KR you’re completely wrong. They’re actually one of the most sought-after characters in a party for damage and party buffs. They’re balancing for Korea and their 1600+ gear not us and our legendary gear.

Lol… Yes at 1600+ but we’re not even close to that stage yet, This is why i’m saying these patch notes will be negative if they come to soon.


At least we can watch Korea as any source of content for the game :upside_down_face:

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Paladins, our 2 counters turned into back attacks. It makes no sense… especially when counters need to be frontal attacks.


Wardancer’s and many other’s damage isn’t good without cooldown gems anyways so what does that matter? None of the classes right now are balanced for our gear.

10-20% damage nerf means you have to regear? What kind of asinine logic is this? They didn’t change any builds whatsoever, they just buffed or nerfed over performing skills NUMERICALLY

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Besides the 18% buff. I can’t find what they changed on the runes. I think warmaster is joked about because it always gets nerfed in every patch but is still a desirable class. Just 2nd hand info from random zeal background videos from years ago.

They only changed counters because most classes use their counters for damage when not needed and are hitting the back anyways. It ultimately doesnt really change much because most counters are only left at like level 4 and arent main damage skills anyways.

We already have cooldown gems & conviction and judgement so I’m not sure what you mean by that. Again you are comparing our gear to koreans gear which is the whole point of this thread, We’re not even close to be ready for them patch notes so they shouldn’t be released in our servers any time soon.

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Do you think classes right now are balanced?

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