Korean VO sounds missing bug? and fix

I had to redownload the Korean VO early today after the update and when I logged in some sounds were missing (like skill sounds, dash and some others). I went to the game folder and saw that the voice pack for some reason got downloaded in this folder:

steamapps\common\Lost Ark\ client\EFGame\ReleasePC\WwiseAudio\Korean
and I know that the audio files go on this folder
\steamapps\common\Lost Ark\EFGame\ReleasePC\WwiseAudio

So after moving the Korean folder from the first path to the second I got my sounds back. Just posting here in case that happens to someone else and maybe it is a bug that the files are being downloaded in that location.

The stronghold songs work now with the KR pack but now this great… I swear just merge the damm DLC at this point constant issues with it it’s getting really annoying.

Which class did you notice this on so i cant est ?

Probably also wise to ping @Roxx the latest update seems to follow the KR client structure so whoever copied this over failed :confused:

Stronghold songs still do not work for me. I tried moving the new directory as said above, still no song. I removed the DLC and deleted the directory, then downloaded the DLC again, still no song. Switched to the English sounds, got the song, switched back to Korean, song gone :cry: