Korean whales perspective on p2w in Lost Ark

Very informative video for people who still think Lost Ark is p2w.

TLDR; It’s P2L (pay to lose), since whales will hit the cap and the gap between f2p players and whales is so minimal later that they wasted money for nothing.
Only p2w aspect in the game is quality of your gear in their opinion.


Like I said before; rusher(s) rushed to front seat of theater to watch White screen.

Even when Legion Raid comes out, we will be still doing same dailies on how many chars we chose to do.


Just because f2p players will eventually catch up doesn’t mean it isn’t P2W, bozos.

I swear, the Korean gaming community has serious stockholm syndrome over the years of casino simulator games


Video is taken slightly out of context. This is a bit of a satire and doesn’t really include a lot of deep critical thinking if one were to really discuss whether the game is P2W or not. It was just something they threw together for content and laughs. Take it with a grain of salt.

I’ve said this so many times before. Who cares if it’s P2W, P2Progress, or P2Whatever.

It’s garbage, players get shafted, and it’s not fun.

We seriously need to band together and boycott these predatory systems. The fact that so many people have accepted them and actively pay into it is disheartening.


Jesus Christ now you’re playing the ‘victims’.
I’m almost certain at this point it’s mental illness and a strong arguement against any gambling in any game being allowed (rng on drops fine, but not this multi layered casino that LA gearing up is).

It’s only predatory if you have a weak mind. Stop fomo’ing at the mouth.



I would love to see someone who actually has proper credentials in consumer advocacy speak on this topic. The only people crying about this game’s business model being predatory are those who can’t exercise self-restraint and pull the credit card out at the first sign of struggle or FOMO. Get over yourselves, lol.

Edit: Replying to comment above.

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Nice video,
That “pay to lose” graph was pretty good haha

And in 5 minutes we’ll have another 1400+ “I quit topic”

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Lol… I swipe at beginning for founder pack and the dlc to get pet now i am just chilling… if i didn’t get to 1415 by May it’s fine i will DEFINITELY get there by June it just a matter of time and MMORPG is just the type of game that keeps you grinding till you quit

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Really? This is the new justification for how LA’s P2W mechanics are “not that bad” and shouldn’t be complained about by F2P players?

Sorry, but this argument that P2W players lose in the long run in LA is a complete red herring. No one has ever argued that P2W players aren’t wasting their money and getting robbed by LA devs. The argument is that P2W mechanics HURT ALL GAMEPLAY AND PLAYERS in the end. When a game is P2W, the focus for devs becomes the bottom line, period. Sure, this is the objective of most all game dev studios BUT in a P2W centric game like LA, development of primary game mechanics considers how to milk money from players above all else even at the expense of gameplay satisfaction. The result? “Gameplay” becomes a cleverly disguised RNG gambling app where loot boxes purchasable by whales for cash become the game’s primary propulsion forward for EVERYONE (P2W players, F2P players, AND the devs). In LA’s case, the game literally has EVERY money milking RNG loot box mechanic in the book and EVERY player has to overcome the artificial hurdles that such mechanics introduce into the game. As a result, LA’s true boss fights are HONING and gem cutting. Players - P2W and F2P alike - have months of mat grinding OR CC swiping as the primary challenge they have to look forward to and battle. Skill based boss fights aren’t the ultimate challenge. The ilvl that the boss fights are locked behind are the true challenge and the only way to overcome those are to either grind for months OR swipe until it hurts.

There’s a reason that the LA market is still tanking even after the roadmap was released. Western players don’t care about LA anymore. Mat farming (or buying) just to see the effort go up in smoke at the roll of a die seems utterly pointless. In the end, even boss fights are pointless because they are only being done to collect mats to fight the one TRUE BOSS in LA … HONING. And, in the end, anyone with a CC limit high enough can beat that boss (no skill required).


Oh wow people love to justify their FOMO and lack of self control and restraint by blaming a game’s transactional functionality.

Nice way to dodge accountability.

If you keep disliking MMOs because of their “P2w” your gonna run out of games to enjoy.

True but the problem faced by the whale in the video will never happen in NA because of the increased content cadence. So if ya got the money it’s smarter to just whale.

I have hard time understanding how you can call Lost Ark P2W when there is litterally nothing to win. The only P2W aspect of lost ark is GvG which isn’t even in the western client yet.

You can call it P2Fast, P2Flex, P2NotPlay, P2 I like to spend money, or whatever but definitely not P2Win

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If paying players can’t win f2p players can’t win either. You gotta define winning first. How does one win in lost ark?

You cant win in a game that never ends, ur just ahead of people in a race to the finish line…the problem is theres no finish line yet for Lost Ark because the servers havent shut down and the content roadmap is still being developed. The clearest advantage for whales is they get first dips on selling accessories for 10x the price but only other whales can afford those prices, we also have bots that supply the general materials at a low rate so whales cant manipulate the entire market focused on honing upgrades.

You just to get to the content quicker, while the game will provide events and more ways to push the general playerbase at a certain speed or whales quit because casuals make the game popular and whales want to thrive in a popular game.

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Its just a popular vague buzzword with no specifics, you dont really win anything, the game wins your money and time lol. You are constantly “winning” over the people who just started playing the game or stuck in t1 and your in t2 or t3. People win through RNG upgrading, you spending 1 week to get +1 while someone else is “winning” by 1 tapping their gear, who cares, we all suffer or succeed at this game in some way.

All that should matter is your experience in the game, find something else you feel deserves your time and effort.

Does having depression, anxiety, or bipolar make you weak? Those are the main mental disorders linked to impulsive spending, which is what these systems prey on.

Despite that, even if people have “weaker minds” or “lower IQ” than you, in society, that means we protect them. Not call them weak and feed them to the wolves.

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Wow that is a terrible comparison. This is a video game, with lots of pixels. It’s as simple as saying “Yea I’m not going to spend money…” Anxiety, bipolar, or depression you can’t really say "Yea I’m just gonna stop being insert mental illness.

Just because something is “linked” to a certain ailment doesn’t mean you can’t just decide to not spend money and have a bit of patience. It’s really not that difficult. I have all of the things you mentioned except bipolar disorder…but I’m not out here spending 500 bucks a week. I’ve spend 0 dollars. Because I don’t give in to fomo.

If you have a mental illness that’s affecting financial decisions then you should seek professional help.

This is a video game, not a therapy session.