KR Balance Patch is live, thoughts?

My 2 cents about Sharpshooter:
The class is in a worse state than it was before. And it already was in one of the worst states out of all classes.

Why play Death Strike now?
If you want burst, Spec LC. If you want consistency with higher speed, Swiftness LC.
LC also doesnโ€™t use Claymore Mine, so no need to position for head attacks, Sharpshooter is not made for head attacks.
Did Hawk Shot even get the Push Immunity applied now or not? Last weekโ€™s PTR patch notes said it did, but official patch notes just say the skill was added. Even if the Push Immunity was added, itโ€™s just one skill. Which is quite bad for a head attacker.

I like the Deadeye buff, well deserved.
โ€œEven if you cancel while using the skill, the bullet has been improved so that it does not disappear and is fired.โ€ All projectile using classes should get this as a permanent addition. Too often are my arrows disappearing, because I get knocked around while they are flying :rofl:

Berserker changes look really nice. The videos from the PTR looked promising aswell.

I donโ€™t understand much about the other classes in general, so I have no opinion on their changes.

To finish this topic up, here the newest Slayer video.

0:28 finally has a good female outfit. I want more armor sets like that for female characters! AGS, SG RPG, pretty please.


Blue gl sucks

SG buffing braindead classes but nerfing all entropy was sure an interesting choice.

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entropy class are not that hard to play โ€ฆ โ€œhardestโ€ class can be say arcana who hit master.

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If you can hit from anywhere, that is inherently easier.


What you talking about? Blue gunlancer has better gameplay consistency and has more options to support team members. Its shout of hatred also buffs its own attack since they increase overall damage buff from 3% to 4%.

The actual nerf and no-nerf is the red gunlancer.


That they killed DS SSโ€ฆ

What message did they want to say? โ€œEven the worst classes out here are not save for our incompetenceโ€?


i dont think itโ€™s push immunity, but only paralysis immunity. I do believe it does get it though they didnt specifically mention it.

Death strike is, weirdly, dead. Donโ€™t know why they decide to slaughter this engraving. And why do they make the claymore a meta skill but have it as headattack. Devโ€™s are just MEAN to sharpshooters


Correct you can hit from anywhere as entropy as well :slight_smile:

What a silly take you have

but you do less damage if you do hit from anywhere as entropy, you have to do frontal and back attacks where as hit anywhere means
hit anywhere hitmasters and still do more sustainable dps

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Yeah cool no one care about consistent dmg if you canโ€™t get your burst in within the Back attack window.

It a skills issues


I think the worst part about it all

Is that the solution is just to go Spec LC

So not only are you paying Spec accessory prices for Swift numbers

One change to the Spec scaling kills Swift (especially if they decide to beef it up a lot)

Along with the fact that it looks like your bird does more damage auto attacking than you do

So you have a slow class where you just shoot your skills whenever because the bird will do most of the heavy lifting

It just soundsโ€ฆ boring

And Iโ€™m saying this as a DI enjoyer, Spec LC looks even worse to main now

I donโ€™t get it at all

Itโ€™s quite funny that you say shout of hatred buffs own attack but donโ€™t consider it a buff for red GL

At the same time, red GL got damage % boosts on all its damage skills. This so called utility you mentioned is useless and pretty much did what it did before and it will be rarely utilized. A class engraving that barely changed as players will still keep it at level 1

Itโ€™s really funny how back attack hardcore players think that this nerf that prevents them from almost always getting mvp with highest dmg when in a party with Gunlancer and Deathblade, is actually a nerf to โ€œEntropy Classesโ€, the damage is balanced without considering that back attackers will have 2 OP synergies, and the synergy is still high, just less OP

Seeing that you are literally the only one who said anything about MvP in this thread, I guess you have an inferiority complex.

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Iโ€™m ok with my characters, I have some back attackers as well, but considering your answer you donโ€™t really look into it, youโ€™re just someone crying due to a small nerf in an optimal (and unfair) situation that back attackers haveโ€ฆ

I just said the fact that even some streamers said themselves, the neft isnโ€™t much unless youโ€™re a hardcore player looking for the MVPโ€ฆ 9% on a synergy is still a lot considering that on average the synergies only increase 6% (a bit more for crit synergies due to KBW)

well, they killed any chance of me coming back.
there is no point since the game became a grind feast.
I dont need a lecture of how a MMOrpg should be grindy, IMO Lost ark just dont know how to do it and just throw N repetitive tasks so you waste most of your time doing โ€˜โ€˜dailiesโ€™โ€™.
What I wish from Lost ark was freedom and no โ€˜โ€˜TIERโ€™โ€™ bull shit.
would let only pvp as instanced with some open world pvp aspects and spread guardians throughout maps for people to hunt/make teams and set a few of them instanced for guilds to fight.
but what they did to Sharpshooter, they murdered the class!
the class is STILL slow AF, predictable, long animations, no SA or PA on DPS skills, low damage ceiling and highly team dependent.
they did a rework which made it worse than previouslyโ€ฆ and I saw many suggestions, which they chose to ignore completelyโ€ฆ I dont even know why they ask feedback when they are not ready to listen.

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I read the patch notes andโ€ฆ

oh wait itโ€™s for KR not EUโ€ฆ

nevermind byeee

No? Entropy is back-attack classes set?