KR chaos dungeon feature

In KR chaos dungeon all mobs come to you doesn’t matter where you are. In our version we have to run like idiots after 1 mob who will just stay still, because you are out of his range. Can we also get this feature? It would really make this daily content less exhausting.

That’s not true KR has to run around too to get aggro on the big maps

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Thank you for the feedback @Dziekansqrwysyn I will send this to the team.

My mistake, they did increase their range but not for all map, anyway i think they could do it for all map or at least the same amount as they did in kr

Isn’t chaos already easy enough?
Sounds like someone wants to have an easier time for bots and shit

It’s easy and mindless and a PITA so why should we also have to chase down the enemies?

You consider running around to lure mob is gameplay? That’s just sad

This is misinformation lol why do people love to misinform?