KR customization changes

When we get those customization changes ( hopefully not in a year), can we get and those lips options and colors too ?
Is weird to have to use a tattoo if you want to have better colors .


KR got that this week so we can expect to have that in March QoL. (we are roughly 2 month behind in term of QoL)

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I might be wrong, but the ‘tattoo’ type options don’t appear affected by lighting conditions and other settings like skin shine, and don’t try to blend for 3-d ness. So they pretty much stand out the strongest.

The lip colors we have in the game are pale , we can’t achieve like a nice red lipstick for example with it , so the only option is to use the tattoo , as that can give you the look you have.

But from the look of it , in the picture they have that as an option with in the setting it self.

And I am asking about it , because in the text it only say about the new way the tickets will work, so I am kind of guessing they have that as an option already and is not added now with the changes.