KR Elgacia class balance patch. When do we receieve these changes?

So KR just got Elgacia patch and it is looking juicy. Unfortunately surge, ignite, and Madness are still nerfed. To be honest, they deserve to be nerfed. BUT, I don’t care about those changes. the most important change is Destroyer. It is now so much easier to play without losing too much damage. My question is are we receiving these changes for our Destroyer release? If we don’t, it is a huge troll.

AGS has said they want to keep class balance as up to date as possible, so I suspect we’re going to get these changes relatively soon. I’d be surprised if we don’t get them with the Destroyer release because of how much it changes the class identity.


Exactly what he said. We could even get them sooner but I’d guess he’s right that we get them with the destroyer release.

Many of the nerfs that looked too harsh got a bit of a rework to still make it a nerf but more fair. I’m excited to be able to have these changes for my Artillerist, another counter move on a better move and visual clarity for Firepower buff!!

The difference though again people seem to see class balance but dont see the game balance. Those changes are balanced around relic gear and endgame upgrade, not argos, so if we get those changes, the class may not “feel” as it does in KR.

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does anyone have the finalized patch notes in english?

They literally just released 30 mins ago, might take a bit. They dont give patch notes out till after patch goes live

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if anyone wants to read 4월 27일(수) 업데이트 내역 안내 | 로스트아크 - 공지사항
use auto translate, its good enough to get what the changes are

The inven KR forums are crying about the destroyer changes are not enough. Not sure how it can’t be a lot better.

as a sharpshooter main i DEMAND all the changes to take effect immediately. pls? :pleading_face:

Boy I sure am excited to play a low mobility glass cannon that does the same damage as classes without all the negatives.

Nobody knows big guy.
Have to wait to see when Smilegate implements.

if you play it well and enjoy the class then it’s w/e

edit: i’m not sure if you are talking about the artillerist in particular but they are known to be reliable cause they don’t die, unless you suck that is lol

Mayhem was saved, and it wasn’t nerfed as bad as the PTR class is now great with synergy.

@Roxx Will we be getting the updated version of destroyer in the may update?

They wouldnt know the answer to that question yet.
Smilegate has probably not even informed them of such details.

That being said, we launched with the latest KR class balance update, I dont see it being impossible.

But they may just release class balance update altogether in the next month or two.