KR is getting emergency maint this may be bigger than we thought


i hope an intern didnt delete all database.

Its nothing big for Korea.
Today they got the new Mokoko Island and some features are bugged, they are fixing them and their servers will be back up in an hour. Oh also some bugs in Brelshaza and the new skins but thats it.

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what if they sent us this build by mistake

a build that already has up to aeromancer

People where talking about a HK/China launch.

What if this is part of a bigger conspiracy involving the implementation of backdoors in the game to spy high ranking military officers that like to hunt Mokokos during their time offs?

I have a theory that bot names are actually the nuke codes.


Probably not. I feel like the Typhoon at Korea messed things up, then there was the NA holiday so Amazon was not paying attention on updates from Smilegate. I blame both equally xD