LA is NOT in a good state

I’ve seen so many posts and replies about how the game is in good state or how they didn’t see any bots for the last 2 weeks just because we no longer have 800k players. For the love of god go to T1 to see for yourself and stop being delusional. Playerbase has dropped 37% since last month, just checking the number 24h after the ban wave then you will see the number of real players. It was 200k after the first ban wave and 125k after the latest.

And then to add insult to injury, they decide not to give power pass to every class released, something that they said they didn’t do it for Destroyer because it was release only one month after lance master


This is hopefully the worst spot the game will be in.

If they release honing buffs in July (which would make sense because RU and JP both got 1415 honing buff between Vykas and Clown) along with an Express and a super jumping powerpass (lets you go straight into Punika without doing any story on a new account), they could pull in a LOT of new players.

I would definitely tell my friends it’s a good time to come back.


Kr LA is, and it’s the only relevant point for sg


And your friends will quit again before reaching 1370 even with this powerpass. If someone dont like this this kind of grinding games nothing will make them stay no matter what. You can give even 1415 superexpress they will do valtan twice and quit.


I kinda agree but If you are Less in the Forum the Game Looks was more bright :love_you_gesture:

But the solution would bei defenitlyto add the global honing buff No way to waste time in t1 t2 or even early t3

The situation will improve slowly. I see what is happening in Korea brought them a way to get a figure for 1460 for free

A free 1460 pass is probably a year away from now.

Things might happen faster. Simply patience is what I tell people. Play at your own time

Wow you can count :joy:, so what point are you tryna get through? Stop playing? So you can come back here and say HAhA i told yall so? Complaining about bots? Yall mofo spread faster on the forums here crying than bots spreading in game omfl.

What is this supposed to mean?

Playerbase has dropped 37% since last month, just checking the number 24h after the ban wave then you will see the number of real players. It was 200k after the first ban wave and 125k after the latest.

Source: Trust me bro

90% players who have already quitted are like you mentioned. Give me everything for free. Rest can grind I just wanna rush do content and quit. Better for the if they just play single player games than MMO. Yesterday a same guy who was complaning on everything lavk of gold, grind no mats failures… he got kick after 2 hours xd

Or maybe they quit because the game isn’t to their liking?



Thats what I said. But normal people just quit and do not complain, make topics how this game sucks on forums or demand changes in game’s design.

Ever heared of steamchart? Guess you need at least 1 digit IQ to figure that out

I thought OP’s point was that bots are still abundant in T1 & T2, but maybe I misread.

this game will never have a high concurrent playerbase. lost ark is a very specific type of game and that game has a very specific fanbase.

we will likely drop to 50k or so concurrent players here before the end of the year.

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Lol hopium.

There will not be a point in the future where lost ark is a good as it currently is population wise. Amazon and proved they should stick to being an online retailer and providing servers. Nothing else.

Gaming companies require passion, amazon has as much passion as a boiled onion.

I do agree yes. But amazon is not at fault. What the OP doesnt get and apparently you dont either is that the people leaving are the same people who would have left when Bres gets released. New leapstone required. They would have absolutely left because the grind is too much. See right now there isnt much of a grind. They thought they could just last it out and be fine, they were having fun while disregarding the obvious reality of where this ends up. And then it sunk in, they didnt like it, so a forum post complaining and then uninstall.

The playerbase will inevitably fall and there is nothing Amazon can so about it. So many people jumped on the hype train and didnt know what they were getting into. This is a grind game. No ifs ands or buts, that is what this game is. You grind and grind, but one day a week you get that raid copium. People will figure this out, a lot of people will leave, but there will still be a decent playerbase years from now.