LA is Pay To Win? Pay To Play? Free To Play?

So quick rundown. I am not quitting, love the game, I just cannot understand how some people talk about this game. At some point I’ll stop spending money to continue and then I’ll move on.

I am over 50 years old. I have seen game mechanics from way back in the Ultima Online days, through Star Wars Galaxies, Anarchy Online, Warhammer Online and many more. So, I know mechanics, but I don’t understand what many players like calling the Lost Ark, “mechanics”.

Some say Lost Ark is 100% Pay to win. I think they are wrong. Having spent a few thousand I am yet to see where I “win”. I have not won anything, not one single thing.

Lets look at some game mechanics which show what I think this game is: Pay to Continue:

Stagger Mechanic.

In most games: Boss has a bar, do damage (for free) till bar breaks. Some benefit will be given to the player if you break bar. If you don’t achieve it, Fight continues without the benefit.

In Lost Ark: Go to Store, buy Grenade, (for real money/crystals) throw your grenade at boss. If you pass a benefit goes to player. If you fail… THE WHOLE RAID WIPES and you start again. Go back to shop, buy more grenades, rinse repeat till you pass the mech, or run out of money.

How can anyone call it a Stagger Mechanic? Call it Pay To Continue mechanic, it may change.

Time Stop Grenade:

In most games: To be honest I have never seen it in another game. So cannot comment.

In Lost Ark. Here we have a random mechanic that is tuned so hard many people die. At least 1 person in the raid will often fail it so the call is made to Time Stop. So the player goes to the shop, buys the Time Stops (for real money/crystals) then throws it a mechanic specific designed to be so hard tuned that someone is bound to need to purchase the grenades.

This is NOT pay to Win… This is Pay to simply continue to the next mechanic.

Worse still…

I have seen players CALL FOR TIME STOP… then they pass the final mechanic and proceed to take screenshots of themselves with the team that just cleared the raid.

You didn’t clear the raid… You paid the company to get past the mechanics that they put in the game and now you are literally celebrating the money you paid them. This game sells you the cheat code to get past a boss mechanic, the players buy it then celebrate beating the boss.

Here is a question:

How about if RIGHT AT THE END a window popped up in front of every player in the raid and said please pay 1 Dollar to continue to the Dungeon Cleared window or you wipe the raid?

How many Raid Leaders would demand every player pay the Dollar? Press Accept, just press it?

Would that be too in your face to allow you to see that every raid in this game is PAY TO CONTINUE to the next mechanic?

These mechanics are not to stop Bots, they are for making money. A lot of money.

Can you even begin to imagine of WoW World First race was decided by a guild buying a Time Stop Potion? Or by going to the shop and buying a WoW token which they then threw at a stagger bar to defeat the final boss. If that happened there would be 1 million videos overnight.

Lost Ark…

Pay To WIn? Not even close, in my opinion.

Pay to Continue? Absolutely.

Stop paying To Continue… It may change, one day.

f2p (cuz you can literally play for free) but also P2P (pay to progress) i wont consider this game a “p2w” since money doesn’t teach you mechanics and you need that in order to complete any legion raid


The game is Free to Play and Pay to win. You don’t need to pay to play anything.

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Why are you guys so obsessed with “p2w”?
This game is pay to win and “pay to progress” is just a form of pay to win.


idk why I commented, OP is a rambling old man.

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Read my comment i said p2p (pay to progress)

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Yeah honestly it depends on your very own definition of “winning” if “winning” means to have a +25 weapon faster than other players then yeah its p2w so its really subjective uwu

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Read your own comment. Idc about it…

This game doesn’t really have any PvP contents. I don’t know why it’s called pay to win.
Is hitting ilvl 1500+ called winning?

Yes, it will cost you a lot if you want to hit 1500 ilvl in a day XD
but if you let go of your desire to progress quickly this game is almost free-to-play.

dude world first guilds usually rmt a lot of gold to buy boe equip from the start, also in wow u have food, potions, elixirs, runes all this shit and u waste gold every time u go in raids so u are clueless

Winning is subjective. For ex, my sister did all side content, got the golden terpion and that was her “win” then she quit. For some, hitting an ilvl milestone was the win, then they also quit. It depends heavily on the individual and based on the experience of my now dead guild and friends who quit, winning this game = quit.


It depends.
If you want to jump quickly to the endgame, then its P2W, because you can skip months.
Others call this Pay to Skip but if somebody dont have to grind months then its pay 2 win in my aspect.

If you want to go slow but free, then you will reach endgame but it will take much more time.

But the game is definitely not pay to play, because you know, its free.

Yeh theres definitely levels to p2w. :33 Some games literally let you buy tickets to skip content. But there are also plenty like lost ark that let you buy all the tools you need aside from being skilled or having half a brain. My point is just that it all falls under the same general category uwu

*Important to note that the entire game is accessible for free since “Free to demo” is not free to play.(Like WoW, FFXIV, etc.)

Classic troll lol thats why i blocked you time ago (you are still blocked)

not to mention all these items can be bought or made in game w/o interacting with the shop


Yeah thats my definition of p2w, if this game had this kind of “auto complete legion raid ticket” i would totally call this game P2W (since to me winning is being able to finish the legion raids) uwu

im gonna block him too

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it used to have those tickets when guardian raids were the end game lmfaoo :3