LA is Pay To Win? Pay To Play? Free To Play?

I currently am since I don’t have aura.

Ahh, yes. As I’m crafting my battle items in my stronghold, using my completely hand farmed life skill materials, I think to myself “I can’t believe I’m having to pay real money in order to complete the Stagger check in my raid later!”.

you made a point
ok aura is optional :slight_smile:
although im somehow pretty sure 99,99% ppls doing brel have it on but alright
it wasent been p2w element but more p2p equivalent anyway :slight_smile:

that alone is small problem actually as you sayed companies have to make money somehow, although having cosmetic shop is on top of all other form of monetisation is a bit fishy
time required to catch up to whales with all it grindines is bigger problem
pheon tax on important transactions, even between own roster, is a big issue
you buy aura with blue gems so thats also a clear profit to company
crazy RNG all ower the place including things you need to spend pheons on is also not helping :wink:
inability to really farm yur own gear is also part of a problem
need to gear up alts to proper level to access ontent = problem to

you can do it all free ok but it require unhealthy amount of time and comitment in this case

You can buy pheons and aura with gold so not really understanding your point there… as for rng thats is the core of all these types of games if you have an issue with rng maybe its not for you, as for time investment if people that put in more time and work dont get rewarded do you think they will stay… i agree tho that pheons for sending to your own roster is just dumb and a bit gready but the p2w aspects of the game i think are fine since whaling after a certain point gets super expensive so f2p will always be close in ilvl… personaly i only swipe for pheons and skins i have 7 chars 1490 plus with highest 1520 and 4x 1500… and the thing is that gold is never the issue its silver so that is also a thing that keeps the whales from pulling ahead to much

it’s free to play, in you can download it for free
but it’s also kinda pay to play if your steam account isn’t trusted yet you cannot use most of market/trade feature, to make it trusted you need to have mobile authenticator and/or a $5 minimum purchases on steam. and on some cases to make your lost ark account trusted you need to buy something too from the lost ark shop (like this case here : Unable to get trusted status)
and if you choose to, it can be pay to win since you can buy stuff to help you gear up faster

Well if anyone can chose to pay for advantage game is stright p2w
Its kinda dosent meter if you can do same shit for free whe it require literally crazy amount of time and/or block you from accesing content in sensible time frames

You buy them with gold but someone other player cough…whale…cough have to buy it first for real money, that link game economy with real economy which is also problem in itself its why stupid things are taxed with pheons and whole pheongate problem even happend

Rng is not a problem, its imprtant thing to keep player intrested if used right.
Problem is when its including to many things and make chances to get something good to low
How many items that you use have been obtained by you plaing the actual game and how many by playing ah? If you dont see problem in that then its perfect game for you for sure :slight_smile:
I played many grinders like wow or warframe, gw2 and prolly most MMOs out there more or less :slight_smile: You usually just have means to obtain specyfic items you want in resonable time without tricky hiden techniques to prolong same ~5 activities to 6+ times a day/week for years without giving substantial new content to often :wink:

the way is stright tedious
I would advice to try some other games to have some better perspective

pheon tax system is indeed super evil for players, but i must admit it’s a very smart system made by SG/Gold River
it creates an unlimited constant stable demand for gold to bc exchange, which enables swiper to exchange their rc to gold
with out pheon, there’s no unlimited constant stable demand for gold to bc exchange, and swiper will have a hard time exchanging their rc to gold

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its genius design, double that most ppls cant grasp they being rolled on it :slight_smile:
actually most quited so maybe its not that bad :stuck_out_tongue:
sad thing is that with some number tweeks, couple systems reworks, more often content injections and working out to achieve some qol standards the game could be one of the best MMOs out there, wasted potential :frowning:

Here’s something to always remember about P2W

It has nothing to do with the players.

You pay, the company wins

F2P and P2W players argue amongst each other while the company profits over the artificial roadblocks they create to fustrate you into spending money. They create the problem to sell you the solution. Instead of directing that frustration at the company for the design decisions they’ve made, each group instead just attacks the other.

At some point a P2W and a F2P player both will quit the game and they leave with the exact same thing. Nothing. It’s simply the company who comes out on top keeping your money.

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Or you can just go to your stronghold craft them and it will cost you 0 real money. Or you can go to the auction house and buy them from there for in game gold…

Again. You can craft them no real money needed. Can be bought from AH for in game gold. Time stop is meant to save you if you mess up. There is not a single mechanic in the game that is hard to do. Players chose to use timestop or in other words cheese because that seemed like the most dumb friendly way to clear something.

On a small note: How are you complaining for using these when we literally got at least 500 boxes of utility so far?

What are you smoking ? Pay 2 continue?

Skill issue
Post your roster

Yeah this is the first game i have ever played ty for the advice. I also very much like how you take things out of context just so that you can argue and be condecending… but i guess thats what happen when you are not accualy intressted in having a discussion… my advice to you is to try to be objective instead of just arguing subjective points… i do accualy say that alot of things in the game are dumb… im accualy trying to see what your point is but but all i can see is you nitpicking certain things from different posts just to argue in a condecending way… im guessing you are just unhappy and go to forums to argue with people to feel better…

Well i discused this many times over so im doing key points now as its just faster :slight_smile:
You would have to dig a bit deeper to find it tho
Not really unhappy tbh just i find game bad & predatory and i like to talk about it as in some twisted way i would like to save you guys from it but its hard to argue with ppls that sinked > 3-5k in game, even if its as bad as here all around
Its pretty hard to grasp its just brain self defense “i just put all that time in something on top on 1000$ so it must be good”
Or just lack of trying actually good games
Or maybe its good enough for someones standards
Each age have its own laws and some mistakes have to be done so yea.
Your mistake is sinking to much resources in bad designed things.
And mine trying to make you aware of that cause why should i really care :wink:

I mean that is your subjective opinion wich you are eniteld to… but think most people would agree that going to the forum of a game you realy dislike just to shit on it is kind of weird… i bet you are one of those people who spend 1-2k h in game then give a negative review on steam

it’s a predatory p2w game , that’s why it’s banned in some countries.

actually its usuall a loot less in my case
although im not sure wahts your problem with that behaviour when games are projected so you dont get all shity systems at start
1000 is a loot but in case of mmo or gatch you can get easy 100h with freebes before you hit some serious paywall
in la for instance you hit real honing rates first time at 1340-1370 and that could easly take month of playing at launch, even a bit more if you havent had everything exceled before :stuck_out_tongue:
1000h where 800 is repetitwe grind of same

imho its better to comment enemy that you actually know
if you dont get caught by fallacy cost that is engineered to catch you :slight_smile:

beside that yea keeping on this forum is giving me a loot of thinking so i get semhow used to it
plus its totally free and dont take that much time :wink:

Im sry man you are just making less and less sense… real honing rates at 1340? Repetetive grind? I mean if you dont like repetetive grind why did you start playing at all? And talking about enemy like what??? You high as hell man… try putting your energy in something you accualy like instead and you might be happy some day

It P2C (Pay to Carry) you spent a lot of money to carry your friends or pugs if you don’t have any :slight_smile: