LA shop broken?

I tried to buy royal crystals (1000RC twice) but they are not showing up on my account. Transactions have been completed on my bank side as well as from steam.

Note that I have bought RC on many other occasions and had no problems whatsoever.
Wrote a ticket to support and they said that it is not possible to buy more than one pack of royal crystals of the same type twice a day, which is just plain wrong.


Hey @Lady_Lynxx

Thank you for reaching out and apologize about this unexpected situation where your Crystals are not showing on your account.
In order to help I would like to request some more information related to the situation: when does this happen and what is your character name and server. I’ll be glad to help as much as I can.

keep gamig hero!

Same here. I tried purchasing a few growth pack and got an error. Something like L30000. Then
checked and both my Blue Crystals and Royal Crystals are at 0.

Happened today morning, first purchase steam shows as 8:13am and the 2nd 8:30am CET. Character name is Brelshazzy, server Zinnervale.
Like I said, this has never happened before. Steam has also confirmed the transactions and from their side it seems all okay

Mine actually doesnt show 0. I had some crystals left over from a previous time, so it shows the old amount but didnt get credited for the new purchases so yeah. Not sure what is going on

Hey @Lady_Lynxx

This seems to be a very specific issue since I can confirm that the purchase was done correctly even though did you remember to get any error like this: Troubleshooting Purchase Failed Error Messages - Support | Amazon Games.
My best advice will be to direct a ticket using this post as refenrence to this link: Contact Us | Amazon Games Since this case required personal information that can not be shared over the forums.

Best wishes hero!

Thank you for the answer.
I did not get any error messages, everything worked as usual from payment side, no disruptions of any kind.

My blue crystal and royals are showing 0 and I can’t use the shop so I think their shop systems are freaking out at the moment or something.

Got the same problem i buyed crystalls for 300euro and i didnt got them after i restarted the game i got 0 crystalls for both crystall types…

This all sounds like they are having some serious problems with the shop system.

Update: after restarting my client all of my old crystal amounts that I had before are also showing 0 now. So yeah

same for me xD

Thanks for your reports of this! Feel free to open a ticket as Achieveme suggested above, but please also know this has been escalated for investigation internally since it seems to be happening to multiple players.

Additionally, if you could share your server and region it would be super helpful!

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