Lab Research Slot Disappeared

Hey everyone, last night before the update, I had two stronghold research projects going, when I woke up, there’s only one slot available now, even though the lab says that I only have 1/2 projects going. The second slot has disappeared and is gone. I don’t know what to do.

Was this part of the update? Or is my stronghold glitched?


As you can see, the research button when I try to research a second project is greyed out


Also, as you can see, it says my research is completed, when it’s not.

I tried waiting for the previous project to finish and thought the 2nd slot might open back up, but it has not.


for real 3 times the same thing in not more then 3 min?

i even got the link in my chache for you to paste here… KLICK the top button or use the search function before opening the 1000 thread about it

Well it’s a glaring issue with the game, I think we need more posts about it :wink:

one post is enough it gets a faster response as 100 one time posts that dissapear in the timeline…

Well I plan on keeping this bumped, so don’t worry :stuck_out_tongue:

Bump for visibility

+1 here. BTW, I can’t complete the research on my second slot, so there’s no way I can set two researches at the same time…

I think the point was that there’s already a giant post about it. :rofl: (in the bugs section)

Well I apologize, I don’t spend all my time scouring the forums. I just see problems and make a post about them :smiley: