Lack of accurate communication for Powerpass, Yet again

Can we for once get some accurate transparency??? It is very crucial we have information so we know how to use a powerpass since you want to be stingy and not release powerpass’s for every class or who knows we might be getting a powerpass with sept class release but you need to tell us and that’s part of the problem. So after being told back and forth that we will make the powerpass last until September class release then another post saying it will expire before next class release now we are back to what was posted below that the powerpass will expire September 28th so now we are back in a weird position on Can I use it? Do I save it? When is the next class actually releasing by date so I know if this pass expires or not? you have gone back and forth with what is what in the last 2 weeks. I WANT TRANSPARENCY. Do we get a pass with next class release or not? Can I use my pass or am i shooting myself in the foot using it on one of my other classes i want to play since arcana isn’t my cup of tea. I am going to flip out if I use a pass that was said that it was not going to last until next class release and you drop the September class on us with no powerpass and I’m just SOL.

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You got another powerpass for 55$ in shop anytime, anymoment. Enjoy it.


The holy grail has been given this patch it seems. Transparency would still be nice.

I think you are a bit confused. When they said the power pass is going to expire September, they mean the item physically in your inventory. Once you use the power pass, there is an option during the character selection screen to select which power pass to apply. Power pass which are used(Vern, yorn, punika, etc) are store in this “inventory” with no expiration. That way you can use your saved up power pass when ever you want.

Example: I used the yorn pass before it expire but I have not applied it to any character, I still have the option to apply the power pass to any new character I make. I will be using the punika pass right away but will save applying the power pass until reaper/artist release. Also they do stack in this “inventory” in the character selection page as I still have 2 north Vern pass available(used the pass to save roster storage space)


They always said it will expire before the next class. They said that literally every time.


Has anyone at AGS actually said that a class will be releasing in September? In the previous news post there was a line buried at the bottom saying no new classes will release during the new Power Pass’s duration, so maybe that just means there won’t be a new class until October.

Here. They made it Perfectly Clear in the News posted on July 12, 2022.

It was pretty accurate for me.

Edit: Along with release date of every two month fits. So the Next unit will be released on or after September 28th. (at least for now)


no they did not

The Vern Powerpasses are regular ones obtained by finishing the story line. Not sure about the Yorn one.
So there could indeed be a difference to Event Powerpasses such as Feiton (last one) or Punika this time. I remember them saying that the Event Feiton Powerpass WILL expire DESPITE stating in character selection screen that it doesn’t.

Yorn powerpass?

The TLDR seems to be it expires on the date listed in patch notes. Ignore what it says on your interface because AGS has not gotten around to fixing it. I kinda got screwed out of my feiton powerpass because it’s incredibly hard to find information about powerpasses in general.

Yeah my feiton power pass also disappear although it was written « no expiration date ».
Support response : read the patch note.
Well no I just want to enjoy the game.
I also find it strange they removed a pass given to find it back in the cash shop :rage:

Oh no.
A event pass disappeared after the event ended?
Thats so strange…


I also thought that this would allow low level friends the chance to catch up once they hit 50, but NO. They can’t even use the powerpass unless they already had one character complete the Punika storyline and all the purple missions…so I still cant play much with some of my lower lvl friends.

The Vern powerpass is 1100 gems, just above the $9.99 purchase amount of 1000 gems. That was also a little disappointing. When he used that pass he got to Vern but did not get any green books. Aren’t you supposed to get some green engraving books when your first toon gets to 50? I felt sorry for him after he just spent $20 to get his first toon to Vern and now he is stuck there with no supplies other than upgrade armor and health potions. Meanwhile I have a brand new, free 1302 bard fully stocked and ready to get to 1370. Just does not seem fair to new players.

They tell you when they expire. Then they assume you can use your brain and use it before they expire. Seems transparent to me.


Honing buff, mokoko buff, mokoko welcome challenge and Maharaka island. Your friend has many more sources than before. And you can make an alt to play with them, that is what i do for my lower ilvl friends.

They just have to play the game lol

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It will expire don’t trust that character select screen. Players were complaining on the forums about the feiton powerpass they had activated but not used disappearing.

It will go away if you dont use it.

They were plenty tranparent about that, this pass gonna wexpire 28th September and there won’t be any new class during that period so u either use it or lose it, doesn’t matter if there will be new pass with next class release.

Lol I think you mean “I do a casual solas farm with them”

Just enjoy the game, why you guys always looking for anything to complain about ?