Lack of battle items

I know we’re getting 10 chests tomorrow. But the overall battle item stuff we’re getting is lacking in comparison to KR and other regions. If we’re lucky, we get 3 chests per weekend if that’s active (like once this month?).

I still have alot of boxes since launch using actively on 5 characters. Some use more and I get that. But to counter more usage of items either do some life skilling/farm stronghold or buy them on mp or Mari shop


Just craft them in SH.

Wtf lol


if that’s your reply. Then don’t bother to reply. My post was in the section of Game Feedback. If you’ve seen how many battle items other regions are getting, then yeah, we’re getting like 1/5th of that.
Of course I’m crafting, of course I’m buying. Though, that doesn’t change the fact that we’re getting THAT much less than other regions.


Would be nice to get more frequent offensive battle item chests to assist with daily cali raids / brel attempts

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Those 10 boxes we are getting today contain 10 of battle item chests each, so 100 of each battle item chests overall

if you are unlucky, those will last for 2 vykas raids. xd

Im not doing vykas anymore, my last <1490 chars will hit 1490 this week so im free of that jail

Now you’re in brel jail xd

sadly it’s random chest, and not selective
it’s this Collective Battle Item Chest - Items - Lost Ark Codex looks like the chest have been in the game for a long time
why though, random item kinda useless when we won’t use 70% of it’s contents

nice. i dont have that luck in honing :smiley:

what do you mean? Lutera horn is da best !