Lack of content variety and repeatable content

800+ hours in I’m starting to feel bored with the game. There’s not a lot of content variety and no engaging repeatable endgame content. My daily ritual is logging in, doing unas, chaos dungeons and guardians on all of my characters, whatever’s on the compass and logging off for the day just to repeat the same the next day. Argos and abysses once a week. I wish there was more engaging, repeatable content to keep me playing once my dailies are done, but currently there is none, at least on the PvE side. Can’t even boost abyss for friends out of boredom because entry limit.

You know how WoW reuses existing dungeons in endgame with the Mythic+ system, Destiny 2 has nightfall strikes etc.? Lost ark has a lot of nice dungeon environments that are visited once during leveling story and never used again. This game could do something similar and have a repeatable, hardmode abyss playlist of every leveling dungeon with a couple extra boss mechanics throwin in to keep it interesting. Maybe tack on a similar progression/reward structure as seasonal PvP to incentivise running the content. No, it wouldn’t be a small undertaking to convert leveling dungeons to reasonably challenging endgame dungeons, but it would add a lot of game to the game, and the game definitely could use more game. Or maybe do something entirely different. Just give me a reason to not log off once my dailies are done.


That is because they disabled Abyss Trials for our release(among other things), which is exactly one of the types of content you are thinking of - revisiting old dungeons for new rewards, if my information is correct.

That’s because you played 800+ hours in 3 months when there’s no reason to play that much yet. You burned yourself out, these posts are all too common right now. You’re bored because you tried to beat an MMO that’s supposed to be enjoyed over a long period of time and we don’t have all the content for rn. Take a break, go play something else until Valtan comes out. Congrats you’ve ruined cough I mean beaten Lost Ark… For now. Here’s your gold star. Also, if you don’t like repetitive daily content, I got bad news about the MMO genre, they ALL have repetitive daily content if you’re trying to progress your GS


Sort of, but not quite. Abyss trials are just another weekly. It’ll add, what, 15 minutes of gameplay per week. Gimme something I can grind 8 hours a day and stay entertained.

Yes. That’s fine. Expected even. But they also tend to have a lot of options to keep playing once your dailies are done. Lost ark doesn’t.

Normal burnout from playing a whole lot is definitely part of it but it’s not the full picture.

One of the other major components is that we’re playing in a gutted version of the game for some reason.

Many people heard the game was coming out here and got super hyped for how big the game is in other regions thinking we would get all of that, or get caught up relatively quickly. Unfortunately AGS/SG only released vague statements that fed into this hype and quite a few people are now disappointed that they can look at the RU/KR clients and see so much more game and then we’ve got… well what we’ve got.

For hardcore gamers, which this game most certainly was designed to cater to (not exclusively), our version is seriously lacking in hardcore long term progression.

We are getting caught up at a quicker pace than anywhere else. We launched with T3, which has never been done before. You guys make me sound like a white knight, but my god, you try to act like we were gonna get the 1:1 from the start when that was never stated anywhere. It’s only “lacking” because you ppl are playing an absolutely, undeniably, unhealthy amount of the game. Shit I was playing an unhealthy amount, but i’m just now coming up on 500 hours, which to me is a lot, and some ppl are over 800+ with this amount of content in the game!? Why!? There’s no reason to. Literally! You know most ppl in KR don’t even do a lot of their dailies because their life is rotating legion raids on their characters, they don’t have time for dailies lol. We’ll get there, but you gotta give it some time. It took them 3 years to get to that point and we’ll get there in 4-6 months most likely, which is crazy fast tracked.

I’m not gonna tell you to touch grass, but seriously… take a break. You literally aren’t missing anything. Let some of us who have a life try to catch a bit. And look, I’m not saying the game should cater to the casual person, but y’all that are 1400+ with alts at 1370 and above rn, need to chill. You’re in the top 3-5% if I had to guess. Personally, if it was up to me I’d release Valtan this month, even if I knew I wouldn’t get there, but they got so much backlash over Argos they’re paralyzed.


Yah. Exactly. My daily playtime is down to 2 hours a day because there’s just no reason to keep playing after the finite amount of dailies are done. There’s no repeatable content to keep me entertained. I don’t think any successful MMO has this problem, even in WoW I could grind M+ all day long if I wanted.

Noone in this thread said anything about you being a white knight or even implied as much. All we offered were reasonable opinions to explain why someone might feel the way that you so condescendingly and dismissively wrote off as “incorrect”.

This happens in all MMOs, there’s content droughts, especially for the no lifer’s, it’s going on in KR right now. Just chill, there will be more content soon enough. Having so much repeatable content on an endless loop that rewards no lifer’s and bots isn’t healthy for any game

Well I feel like anytime someone defend the state of the game it’s “How dare you!” But yeah it’s just unreasonable to expect a game to be filled with THAT much content right from the gate. Most players would feel overwhelmed and quit that way.

I start to feel more and more bored with the content i can do right now. There is nothing engaging to do for me right now sitting at 1365. Even the Abyss raids got boring after doing them for the 10th time, also people are way overgeared now. Idk if hard mode abyss will be that much harder but this whole game is just something to play while watching a movie/series except for maybe pvp.

Also i really loved the first abyss raids when most people were clueless and not overgeared and it took like 2-3 hours to do them since you had to work on figuring out the mechanics.