Lack of new players

I’m not sure how things are in other servers, but in mine it’s a ghost town regarding new players.

It’s a pain to find groups for low level dungeons/raids/chaos dungeons and I have a feeling that it’s bc no one is really entering the game.

We see a lot of players leaving LoA, but the contrary is not really true; the most I see in starting areas are bots and your occasional alt, which leads me to think that the game is failing in recruiting new players (and failing in taking care of old ones, although that’s a discussion for another topic and just my opinion really), so I’m starting to worry about the game future…


Bots have feelings too. Add them to your friends list


XD good one

y.y Poor bots, you’re right lol

Its impossible to get new players into this game at this point like what are u gonne tell them buddy start the game u might be able to really play with me in a month or so xD


0-50 t1 t2 has no actual purpose right now.
0-50 content can be done solo with ease

You can skip t1 in 1 day. Nobody does t1 content unless there is a special quest or whatever

Same as t2.

You can get from t1 to t3 in less than 1 week with the chicken event materials, express event and whatever.

I myself after i moved from euw to euc, got from lvl 10 to t3 in 4-5 days, and skiped most of the useless boring not needed content. And what content i went thru, i mostly did it alone, because its easier and faster.

So the few new players might choice to do things alone too, or just quit at level 10 when they see 10000 bots spamming waiting in the starting area, or when they see:
Tookio, where tooki, why tooki, pls tooki. When tooki!!!

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Exactly! LoA is failing in recruiting new players and it’s showing. They keep releasing content for end game and forgetting to help those trying to climb the very long ladder from lvl 1 to t3 and I don’t blame anyone who is discouraged by it. But that’s bad for a game in the long term, bc no new players and older ones tend to leave at some point.


I did the same, my alts all did stuff alone, but if we were to think about a new player, wouldn’t they be discouraged by all this useless stuff? I know I was back then. Lvl 50, then t1 and T2… I almost gave up if it wasn’t for my friends still playing, but I know lots of ppl who did give up before reaching lvl50 bc really, it’s a pain in the ass lol

I’m afraid that they aren’t doing anything to attract new players and it’s affecting the game badly =f

Most of my friends gave up after realising that the game is just a fancy version of Raid shadow legends :rofl:

If they dont give new player direct pass to 1370, new players will quit long before that, because all the content below 1370 is obsolete.


i mean that t1 and t2 still dont have 100% honing is a joke in itself tbh :smiley:


A lot of mine gave up too l o l
For real, I don’t blame them, esp bc we all knew everything before t3 was considered useless, but the game still made the journey between lvl1 and T2 unbelievable hard =f

I’m afraid LoA is not putting in the effort to attract and keep its playerbase, which can only lead to doom lol =f

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that’s why AGS decided to release things slowly… They know that this player generation abandon games after some days rushing it. They get bored fast, because of themselves, and later, fault the company release pace :clown_face:

Wait for Arcana, and next month update, more players will arrive.

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For real! I mean, what’s the reason for it? I can only imagine it’s bc they want ppl to get desperate and swipe, but that’s plain shitty of them =f

LoA needs to work on some adds and add more events in game to keep real players interested, I think.

I can see that, but it’s not a permanent solution nor a good one, I think.

Players will still quit after their class has been released and we’ll still be left with empty servers (not considering bots lol) or I could be wrong and they’ll retain lots of new/returning players. But I still think they should work better with their press and take better care of their playerbase =f

Wait, are you saying that I am not interested? I mean, I am still playing since day one. There are plenty content for horizontal and vertical gameplay…

The difference is that some players think that real player only play because of new content. Real players play because they like and love progression in the ongoin content.

Only newbies play for new content. We have enough content to the next 6 months, excepts if you rush in all the way possible using p2w methods…

This game have many RU/KR entitled. They think everyone are like them and know all about the game.

MOST of the game is not fun

the parts that ARE, they don’t let you play as much as you want and gate you

“look at all this other stuff you can do to progress your characters!”

no one WANTS to do that, they’re FORCED into it

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I’m not referring to you specifically, sorry if I wrote in an ambiguous way.

It’s the same in my clan tbh, old players are still interested bc we all love the game, but my concern is about new players and those who are losing interest. They are quitting and what LoA is doing to retain them…? Releasing a new class every 2 months? Doesn’t seem enough to me, really =f

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LoL! Why are you still playing? Have you open steam today? There are hundreds of games to play… Why stay here? Yeah, there are always things to be improved, but so far LA is one of the best MMORPG currently available.

Seems MMORPG is not a genre for you.

I can see your point!

Personally I do like some “forced” content like islands and world bosses, but! They do seem like a chore after a while and some (like collectables) are finite; once we collect all hearts/sea bounties/mokokos they are done, forever. I don’t see LoA trying to introduce new content regarding that, and we have the other regions as reference for that.

No actual real player will join this game at this state.

New player experience:

  1. Tries to log in to create an account, waits in like 10k queue (if plays on NAW)
  2. Quits game before even starting.


  1. Creates an account and makes it to Prideholme, sees only bots running around glitching through walls, or running faster than your damn horse.
  2. Can’t find actual players to do fun early content with like fighting the world bosses in Luterra or early continents.
  3. Quits game.

Hell, I made a new account on NAW and my character has not even made it to Yudia yet because I refuse to wait in queue behind bots.