Lack of new players

New player will choose DPS class for the first class cause they won’t able to solo every guardian as support.
And this game is not for late comer and casual player, once you got behind you will solo everything or group up with bots.

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That’s my concern, really.

You are right, it’s not a nice experience to be a new player in this game nowadays.

I remember being a newbie and wanting to matchmake in low level dungeons bc it seemed right, but with my alts I couldn’t find a single party, so I can only imagine how a real new player would feel about it… Ofc that’s my own experience, but it’s undeniable that LoA makes everything before T3 stupidly hard for newcomers =f

That’s the problem, the game isn’t newcomers friendly, but that’s bad for the game lifespan in the long run bc we do need new players to keep it alive =f

LoA is also not doing big things to keep its old players happy (if we take the forum into consideration…)

Also fun fact, my partner picked a bard as a main without knowing the pain they’d endure and they’re bitter even nowadays lol Why supports have it so hard in every day content I’ll never understand lol

Not true, the event rewards, login rewards, express mission and ark pass are al aimed towards getting a t1 char to t3.

All the rewards are heavily in favored into lower tier content.
Its easier to get into this game more than ever and soon we will get a punika pass with another express event. if i was to start over the game id be back to my 1900 hour account in possibly half the time, at-least on 1 character. Then again i was extremely luck on my account so far and some rng would def play a part, but i know lots of people who can get t3 all within free vendor mats, i know this because i use the vendor an event mats to push a new alt.

“just quit if you don’t like it!”

yup with enough of that attitude you’ll be playing alone in a crappy game


the devs aren’t going to give you cookies for brownnosing

I’m sorry, but I don’t think the events are aimed to those lvl1~50, only T1 onwards, so they’re excluding newcomers already. I might be wrong, though, it’s been a while I tried to raise an alt manually lol

And personally, I’ve seen events offering less and less rewards… The books that gives us 10% per honing; they used to be 10 per week and now it’s only 5 (1 if it’s weapon), like why? They’re making life harder with which purpose? Also, punika pass will probably be only usable if you have already completed punika once, new players won’t have use for that, sadly.

Plus, as old players we know how to navigate this game already, but a newbie would probably be completely lost. I know I was back then…


Yes but all of these rewards require you to get to level 50 and beat the main story quest. We are talking about actual real new players who has yet to get to level 50. Punika passes, ark passes, won’t help them. FRESH NEW players won’t even make it to level 50. If you make a new account on a new region or server, you don’t count as a “new” player because you already know what it’s like to be in T3, so you’ll just speed run through the msq.

What, if you quit because the MSQ then you wouldnt made it far anyways. They arent gonna add an insant boost 50 to a brand new account, that would be stupid an they would have no idea what is going on with the story or what they are ment to be doing in game, asking for some story skip for a brand new account sounds lik you own a bot farm.

Youd be more lost if you just jumped into t1 with no knowledge on anything they game teaches you during the MSQ. the only people this benefits is the lazy and bots.

This is exactly what we are talking about in the first place. NO NEW PLAYER will play this game because of the bad experiences they will go through. the OP is even titled “Lack of new players” meaning this game is doing a horrible job at getting new players.

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To be fair, I have no idea what’s going on with the story bc I skipped it all l o l I wasn’t and still am not interested, I just wanted to play.

And I don’t think an insta pass to 50 would be the best solution, but it’d be great if the journey between lvl1 and T2 wasn’t so punishing… Like, why not make honing 100%? We know t1 and T2 are not endgame and we aren’t supposed to park there, so why make it so difficult?

cause we are supposed to learn the game during T1 and T2 phases. And when ur first character made it, you can skip everything (punika included soon) on ur alts.
The real question is more like :

Why it is so expensive to do the robot thing ?

Because it teaches you on whats to come.
If you cant stand having any failures at all on honing for progression, you will not last at all. there are tons of mats given for free, islands that give mats to get you to t3, events, passes, literally everything possible for someone to get into the game and enjoy it. There are new players, and anyone who jumps into this game without any knowledge on what it takes to play a MMO for this scale, is going to not last long at all. This is not your typical jump in action packed game were you have bis everything and dont have to work for anything.

MMO’s are about gearing, gear progression, grinding, account progress, and raiding. You dont jump into wow or ff14 and be like man the MSQ sucks, i wish i could just go right to a mythic geard character and take on the end game without earning it.

This game also requires a considerable ammount of skill and people who skip to end game without actually playing the game Cough whales, will find themself being destoried by the mechanics of the game and not able to just Creditcard Swipe to clear it.

Alright ill let you in on the story since you skipped it. Basically Beatrice lost all the arks so she summoned you to help her find it. You’re doing a horrible job on finding all the arks so Beatrice summoned 500k bots to help you KEKW


When you have to go through the tragedy that is lvl 1-50, I dont blame new players for not coming. Hell if the only way for me to play reaper and artist were to go through that shit again I would just drop them from my roster entirely.

In my previous post, I don’t know why it responded to a person, I meant it to be a overall post not directed at anyone.

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But it’s still unbelievable hard to get through t1 and T2 for a newcomer (and it could be made easier, if only the higher-ups wanted so) and we still are obligated to complete at least yorn and punika with alts, which is really sad…

The new player experience now is just rock bottom. Can you imagine starting a totally new account with the current conditions?


  • seeing bot running around
  • see a field boss but no one around to kill with
  • trying to matchmake low level dungeon but that ain’t happening. So, solo only.
  • first time getting to vern castle and it’s full of bots running around.
  • area chat is full of gold seller spam
  • unable to research stronghold because no gold income
  • high level players doing card runs 1-shotting everything in abyssal dungeon
  • getting pressured to skip first time cutscenes
  • low level islands empty
  • matching with bots into chaos dungeon and guardian raids


I knew the bots were here to help us in the end! Lolol

Ty for letting me in the story!!


Yes, this exactly!

This all affects LoA in the long run, bc with no new players, we only have the old ones to sustain the whole thing, but with ppl quitting, we’re doomed lol

They need to do something to make LoA more popular and to retain players too. Releasing a class once every 2 months will only do much, sadly…

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No new players joining and god knows how many players we’re losing because of false positive bans and players quitting over issues.

Lost Ark NA/EU is literally turning into Lost Ark CN (China).