Lack of Silver is a major issue

We really need some kind of easier way to make good chunks of silver. Not having to have 5 Alts do the same loopang tasks. It’s very tedious for the Amount of silver required in t3 we definitely do not have enough opportunities to even make much silver in the game.



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I have my main and one alt to t3 and it’s hard to even level because of the amount of silver we need. I thought 2.5 million silver would have lasted a long time but I was very wrong lol, thinking of dropping the game for a while until some buffs are implemented. What a waste of 300 hours

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Besides all that, there is still the rolling of gems that you make

I don’t even bother rolling gems anymore because how scarce silver is. This whole game just has very very strong p2w vibes. And indicators. They’re really good at milking all the whales they can. Which is why they removed the possibility of the 7/7 gear honing patch

I m having the same problem. i m t3 and silver is going off too fast while honing and rolling on gems.

I have no issues with silver and sitting at 1362. I don’t see any issues coming up for the last 8 ilvls. What are you guys spending it on?

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On honing gear? Literally that’s it , I guess maybe you never fail one home or something. We shouldn’t need 4 alts farming loopang just to get silver that’s ridiculous.

Lots of people forget you can sell/buy gems. What you don’t need, someone else might and vice-versa. Re-rolling isn’t always the best choice.

I don’t re roll gems. But clearly there is a very obvious lack of chances to get silver. For how much is needed at 1363 and t3 in general

Wait till you get 1370 and the Argos/Chosen gear is acquired. Just supplying XP to make an item upgradeable requires anywhere from 60-80k silver. And then another 23k silver to attempt a hone. Also adventure tome completion royally screwed me for silver since some food items cost millions of silver to acquire.

Yeah point proven. The game just doesn’t give you enough silver and has insanely high silver costs for gear , games, merchant stuff.

Honing and Gems, besides the bigger problem comes after 1370

Yeah in general the honing buff that mysteriously got removed from the roadmap of patch notes would have been perfect . But they got to milk those whales as much as they can lol

PPl normally sell Gems with the right skill on it, I know the skills that ppl actually use on the class, so I’m pretty sure the ones I reroll isn’t the ones another guy with another build uses it, so it doesnt work sadly

Lmao no

Build diversity is very small in this game so what you need the other deadeye also needs, why tf would they sell?

I heard silver often becomes a big problem in honing also in Korea, just because the amount of honing material they acquire is more than the silver itself. They buy the mats from anywhere they can while disregarding the silver (such as mari’s shop, events, auction, etc).

However, personally I never had problems with silver because I never bought any of the mats. Only pushing to 1325 only using the mats I got from chaos dungeons and events/islands, I’m still sitting at 5 mil silver, lacking mats to hone.

  • Don’t forget, you can also exchange your guild blood sylmael stones into silver boxes!

Go grind some adventure logs and get all the food items… see how long your silver lasts… You can burn 10m easy trying to get all of them.

I have been faced with the same issue when it comes to Adventurer’s Tome cooking - When I saw 2 Million Silver for a banana split I knew it was an early game trap. And you my friend felt in it… Why did you pay those enourmous amount soo early on… unless you really do consider Adventurer’s Tome to be more important than gear honing, that is proper to each how we play the game ^^

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This is a very costly process.