Lack of Silver is a major issue

Nah, I stopped spending silver on food as early as Tortoyk when the dumb Cashew stuff was selling for a boatload. I shudder to think of how much silver I’d be down if I kept buying food.


Thanks Lord I am most happy to hear that ))) In the mean time there is a lot of recipe we can ‘properly’ grind

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It gets worse later on. You spend more silver in honing and transferring your epic gear to legendary costs 200k(or 100k I cant recall) each. Eventually you want to reroll lv7+ gems since combining to reroll is very unrealistic at that point

120k to transfer 1 piece of gear to Argos/Chosen legendary!

That hurts

Yeah I bought one of those because I had like 7 million silver back then in T2.

Luckily, didn’t buy any other expensive cooking stuff. Definitely not worth it unless you’re trying to 100% that continent.

I’m at 1355 with 3.5million left, but I slowly see how expensive things are getting.

Imo, it’s not just about the mats, it’s about awful balance rates at which we receive them.

I’m sitting on 60k honor shards, didn’t open a single pouch in more than a week. On market T3 pouches are like 3x cheaper than T1/T2. I assume that will change at 1400+, but we’re not there yet. And we’ll get way more honor shards later.

Leapstones? I’ve got like 70 great leapstones, all bound, from boss rushes sitting in my storage. Absolutely useless. Obviously they’ll be used later on, but if I can’t get to 1370, I can’t use them. Just ridiculous that we can’t choose if we want greater leapstones from boss rush or 5x the amount of normal ones. Doesn’t make a difference if they’re bound, we can upgrade them at the shop.

And boss rush is literally 1300 content, if you’ve got a 1330+ party you decimate every stage in like 20 seconds, even less. So why are we awarded with 1370+ mats we can’t use?

Destruction stones? I’m at +12 and today I didn’t get enough stones for even one honing attempt on my weapon. Not one. And I need 3 more at 15%.

So they should either adjust which mats are dropped at which rate according to our current needs or they should allow us to exchange them until we get the missing content.

Because those 70 great leapstones are more than 20k worth of gold I just can’t use and I’m stuck in the middle of a deadzone. Same goes for honor shards.


Yeah im happy with 1345 atm, pushing for endgame at all times in a game like this will break you in the long run… your guild can only do so much to help you out and the rest is up to RNG.

Not everyone will want to spend real money to speed things up, and those who use normal gold to crystal in game systems will just be locked at the current pace things are fed to us.

I assume over time things will pan out with the market building up more mats then people need, but with a fresh game and so many tryhards out there pushing for 1370+ this will always be an open conversation … the thing to identify is that these people having this conversation are just the loud vocal minority who want to have the BiS at all times.

Yea it’s definitely a trap of some sort for people who just don’t know later value of silver.

Same regarding mats, I have around 50 Greater Leapstones just waiting to be used one day. I kinda like to hoard materials thoo so thats not really a biggie for me… but I can understand your pov on that one.

I just enjoy planning stuff in advance I guess so for me rn it’s fine - but I wish we had more diversity in the mats we get, like every PVE features gives you a row of every general mats and then specialize in some more niche rewards type of thing )

I don’t understand why the deadzone is even a thing, but im enjoying it so far, though I have good RNG… so I feel bad for people who pushing means almost wasting… its not a fair system

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Agreed, honing at 1370+ is awful, especially if you’re trying to raise more alts into t3 as well

Once you hit 1370, you will spend millions in no time

Dailies/weeklies on all chatacter, chaos dungeons on all characters, silver boxes on all characters from guild shop, im sure theres many many other was but just as a reference i went from 1k gold to 1m in 3 days of doing all that. Oh and cube gives a ton.

My point is we shouldn’t need 5 characters just to make silver to roll on one main

But that’s how the game is designed. You guys are forgetting you’re playing f2p game and that the game was designed that “if you spend time you can get everything that people with money can get”
You can go ahead and exchange all your gold for silver. Or do lopang island.

lol once you start honing at 1370 and use them on adventure tomes that is nearly not enough bro.

but that’s a core gamedesign…you are supposed to play alts and if you do, you get enough silver.

Not necessarily “Supposed to” play alts, but I agree they should use the benefits of alts if they can’t wait for content reset on the main to get more mats/silver/gold.

Amazon island dailies on a t3 character gives good silver. Don’t reroll gems, don’t buy adventure tome foods, those are the best 2 things to avoid when trying to build up silver.


Never heard of Amazon island? :open_mouth:

Lack of silver is not the issue lack of you having the knowledge is the issue here , Lopangs dailys on your alts, chaos dungeons and taking the weekly cube and raid boss rush una tasks is how u get silver. The higher tier lvl your accounts are the more the silver you get per these. Please watch some guides and videos. Stop wanting everything just handed to u


Because of even taking 5mins of your time to look up on google or YouTube you come cry on the forums

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