Lack of Silver is a major issue

Totally crying because a game shouldn’t require you to do the same tasks on 6 characters just to get silver, sorry but some people like to touch some grass every now and then unlike troll creatures like you ……

^^ lil douche

So you’re telling us that having to run Lopang on 3+ alts just to have bare minimum silver isn’t a bad game design?

People like you are the enablers of all the shitty mechanics in every game, not just this one.

Yeah he’s got the mega swollen brain vibes

Ah it’s called Lopang Island. You’ll have a short questline when you first get there, after that you can access the Una dailies that makes you do deliveries to Vern, Shushire and Arthentine. The silver rewards are very good on a T3 character (don’t do this on low tier characters or you won’t get the max silver), AND it takes about literally 2 minutes to do them all if you have 4 bifrosts.

i have a 1385, 1325, 1325 and 8 characters in t2 - i have 5.5 million silver and earn about a million per day. There are plenty of ways to obtain silver you just aren’t doing the game right. Sorry.

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Touch some grass maybe that’s the thing I’m doing wrong . Sounds about right .

Shouldn’t have to no life to get silver is my point

Ah right yeah - playing more = more currency is a terrible thing to encourage. If you want freebies and infinite currency for 0 effort maybe look elsewhere.

i’m also spending more which means your point about play time is irrelevant. Still not playing the game right.

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So where do you burn the silver? I’m on T3 with no grinding silver at all, and not losing a single seconds on it. I really want to know because I feel I’m playing the game so wrong.

Silver as long as I know is used for gem refaceting and stone cutting. And I don’t remember any other system that uses it. I’m curious where do you use it.

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You need to have 6 Alts and play the game 12 hours 7 days a week to progress , or swipe $5000 a month

I mean having to play 8 accounts shouldn’t be a thing to get silber

I’m not surprised NA EU is so toxic they are so use to game handing them everything and cry when they don’t get it. Society in general is annoying most people just want them free hand outs don’t want to work for nothing

Affinity items / cards from travelling merchants. Alongside honing for all my alts - and upgrading on main. 1355-1370 cost around 2 mill.

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Apologies mate but your comments are turning into rambling nonsense. Google Lopang dailies - you can bifrost to these and complete x3 dailies in 4 minutes making you 75k+ silver on a t2 character. It’s easy - you are putting in 0 effort with the time you have available. It has nothing to do with time spent, just time spent well.

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Please dont make a post like this if you have spent any silver on any of the cooking in any of the zones because that is one of the biggest silver dumps in the game. I have no issue with silver at all and i always make enough silver everyday to hone and do stuff on 4 diff characters mixed in t1 t2 and t3

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Yep lopangs bit frost is easy af I do it every few days on my tier one and daily on my T3 T2 accounts


The main issue is if you dont play multiple and heavily invested alt, your silver is so bad. Why the game force people to play this many alt? Silver should not be a concern at all unless you force yourhand rerolling stat on gem and it should be that way. I really hope there is more roster based reward, not just silver. Please give more roster based reward instead of forcing player to play multiple char and so many alt to progress.

I couldn’t agree more. I don’t have the time to create multiple alts. I suppose I could cook one in the stronghold but I’m short on gold too. I don’t want a hand-out, I want to earn the silver, just give me a way to do it. At this point, I’m scared to fuse gems because I’ll inevitably need to refacet a gem and I can barely afford to do that. I’ve been so broke that repair costs were making me nervous. Should it really be this way?