Lack of supports In t3 content is right now rly bad

Yesterday i was creating party for Argos p1 on my alt.We did get 5 dps In less that 2 min but we waited 45 min for two supports to join.The lack od support right now is rly sad.i dont care about Artist buble.I dont care about artist at all.Insee artist just as a helpfull hand that can increase support base.Even If artist increase support base by 2-5 % Its still better that our current situation.Ibhopenthst we will see more supports In a near future.One support for every class. Martial artist can have something like monk from Wow.Gunner can have something like sage from final fantasy 14.Assassins can have somthing that use blood and shadows to heal.


yes theres not much supports in the game. but you do realize (support main speaking here) that you can join p2 groups with 1370 as a support so from a support perspective there is no reason to start doing p1 unless your a new player. my best advice is to just have people learn the mini pizza memory mechanic and do it without supports.


pretty much. new 1370 supports right now are mostly alts and will skip even to P3. especially when a guild carries them. My guild carries 1370 supports and even dps.

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Do you understand that it’s not because every archetype has no a support class but because people don’t want to play supports, don’t you? Go to any team based game with no forced role queue and you will see that in 9 out of 10 matches the “water donkey” role will always be the only role that has not been claimed/chosen instantly. It’s just how it is.

The only reliable way to increase the amount of people who main supports is making them more rewarding to play i.e. taking quality over quantity approach. As of now playing supports is not rewarding. You are very dependent on your team - you can have your A+ game but your dps die you smash that reset button. Besides the first two engravings, the rest look very uninspiring and honestly quite optional, which only incentivizes people to just make leeching support alts, whereas dps classes scale exponentially with more engravings - cursed doll, grudge, KBW, increased mass, adrenaline, ambush master - the list can go on. What do supports have after the first two core engravings? Expert, heavy armor, drops of ether, spirit absorption… Very limited choice and very poor power scaling from supporting perspective. Why cannot I have an engraving that increases my damage buffs by additional 10% if my HP is above 80% or something like that? I hope you got my point here.

Also, people tend to blame supports a lot even when it’s not their fault. Nobody wants extra responsibility for nothing in return. You need the right mentality to be an actual dedicated support. Also, supports are overall clunkier, have one of the lowest mobility in the game, and have only 1 effective skill build with 1-2 skills that can be rotated, whereas some dps classes have 2 fully viable specs - poorly customizable classes are never going to be attractive in any game.

I main a support myself (1435 ilvl currently), and I like it. But it’s not for everyone. If one would ask me if they should main a support class, I would say that if you don’t care about being wanted in parties, then there is no reason to play one. “Being wanted” is the only objective upside of being a support. I hope SG would give us more reasons to feel like we are not wasting our time by not gearing up dps classes instead.


Absolutely everything FGM wrote. Being support is no fun unless you have a close knit group of 7 friends with whom you do all content. Entitlement of randoms in PUG is way too high, like people see I am paladin and suddenly forget how to use HP pots, and totally disregard mechanics. I saved someone ass from dying at Yoho’s yoohoo~~ for them to die stupidly seconds after shields is down because they won’t bother to use HP pot…

I feel like everyone who complains should make support alt, but strangely they don’t enjoy playing supports once they make it.


I main support, but don’t worry with more legion raids, people will understand the need of supports and start making some alts. I think everyone should have at least 1 support as an alt so the classes balance. You can’t make 10 dps and 0 supports and expect to have easy time making a raid group with randoms.

Ofc we have big problems while gearing up. Now prices are fine, but if you at the curve or before it you need to spend 10x gold to be relevant compared to some dps. Not having some other options makes it really hard. Current build costed me 70-80k to prepare for Valtan - accessories and engravings.

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Maybe don’t make support items that expensive as fvck?


They’re not expensive.

333 awake/exp/blessed 500spec/1500swift for paladin is like 6k gold + pheons.


This is very accurate. There is still a good number supports, but those that have some sense of dignity and self-respect are already in static groups and guilds where their work is recognized and appreciated because a lot of things good supports do, unfortunately, go unnoticed and people in pugs would never acknowledge their contribution unless you literally predict that 3 people in your group would fail a high damage mechanic and preemptively use awakening and save the run from a wipe. An average reflux sorc would not notice and neither would ever say thank you for being shielded 80% of the time by a good bard who follows her erratic and unpredictable pathway, while trying to save the identity meter for a 15% dmg buff (because shielded teammates don’t need heal) and using it when a raid boss is not going to enter any difficult mech phase, killing it 2 minutes faster as a result. In no world, a pug dps player would appreciate any of the mentioned above.

I am not saying there are no bad supports. There are many useless people who only play supports to cover up the fact they are bad at the game but people would still want them in their groups. But, on the other hand, good supports are heavily underappreciated in this game too. That’s why it feels like 80+% supports you see in your lobbies are just gold farming alts, not mains.

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If I’m not doing Argos with my guild, I’m not joining unless I get paid. Why would I when every group is looking for a support? You want a support, pay 500g each and we’re good to go.


500 spec/1500 crit build for Support Paladin? Are you playing some uber meta support build? What that crit is for?

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Ah, brainfart xD.
Swift, not crit.

6k if you get a 6+4 stone, if you get lucky with 6+6 it’s like 3k total.

U got me really worried there xD But yeah, I remember I spent similiar amount of gold for my Pala Argos’ accs. I just skimped on the stone, 1k for T3 was too expensive back then.

Man, sometimes you gotta take the matter in your own hands and carry the peasants on your chad pally with max crit and 5 blue skills xD

Actually since I’m 1435 I soloq 1370 oreha. Did 50% dmg with my solo build yday. Easy legendary igniter for 1k gold on auction, too.

You didn’t solo it, you carried it

true dat. any support carries any raid they queue into

I play a Spec Bard atm and it trivializes all content. If you happen to lack skill as a dps because you’re new, I’m going to just handhold to make sure you aren’t playing floor simulator.

One exception though… if you take Grudge one and then below that you have -Defense% level 2… Abort mission, unequip something to get that off of you and lets keep going.

Reminder: Flares do not work in Abyssal dungeons, even if you’d like them to. Put them back in the toy chest.

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There is some truth to this, but if you consider the fact that we have only 2 support characters, but 13 DPS ones there is clearly very little in terms of variety for support players. If you honestly want support mains to enjoy playing and more people to do it then you would give them more supports to choose from, so that they play the one they like best. Or they would just play all of them and you would have bigger supply of supports, because there would be now say 4 supports per account instead of max 2.

Awak/exp 1370 stone is 2k gold each + 5 pheons + need to be lucky to hit it

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