Ladies and gentleman

I will make a destroyer just solely for this.

I’ve been looking for the answer to this myself, a few people are saying the hammer skin is actually from a different skin set that came with a summer event in KR.

Summer is just around the corner ;D it might just happen.

I hope so, hopefully next month

hammer skin is from summer event avatar. u r gona have to wait until july "IF"they decide to release bikini avatars

I see…

More like August update then

So happy to get some summer skins during summer…oh wait…

Do you know if these include the hammer?

Call me Nostradamus lul

What a struggle, all my chars are female (DB, Glavier, Scrapper and Sorc) but the male one looks way better! I created a striker few days ago but ill wait for punika pass before i play him. Bro Mokoko skin on a striker would be funny af… but is it worth it to cap a mokoko skin to one char? They are so rare…

The hammer isnt a makoko skin its from the beach stuff.

So is the skin tradeable or is the people who hate meme skins just shit out of luck?

I prefer realistic skins myself.

The hammer is a summer skin, so might be a while til we get that

I cant wait to see berzerkers wearing the very first skin in the image… so funny.

I cant choose which one I like, the ones with tiny angel wings are nice, so are the ones with the sparkly legs…

Oooooo, what to chooooose???

Can we make these tradable so we can sell them to people who enjoy looking daft. Not everyone enjoys looking like a mascot and would like to make money of these. Just feels like a waste to scrapn it like the last animal ones.


I wish I can save it to open it with the Artist

Didn’t know so many people that play Lost Ark love Teletubbies.

Old and busted, just need a matching hammer for the new mandatory Destroyer skin in town.

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