Ladon New Character Creation Locked

Howdy yall,

Looks like Ladon is also locked to new character creation even though it wasnt on the list in below post.

Wanted to check if this is new or a mistake? Was hoping to have my friend join up with us.

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Not a mistake because they don’t use their brains and for some reason think this is a good idea?

All of my friends bought the game, picked this server. Now I can’t play with them because apparently it’s a good idea to lock servers behind paywalls.

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I paid and still can’t join my friends and they won’t issue a refund. Time to get a class action going


Why is ladon on the list. we have no ques and times and we all have friends wanting to come play.

Was wondering the same thing.

@Roxx sorry for the tag since your probably getting 100 of them a minute but wondering if we can get a answer on this. Thank you

Same, only when my friend said he was on Ladon, 2 of us went on and he was able to make a character, but I couldn’t. Fun.
So glad I didnt get a supporter pack as I was already burnt from New World.

Ok guys the non helpful negativity is not needed yall.

Its not that serious but I do want info to figure out if it was a mistake or intentional.

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yeah it will cause a rift from pre purchase servers to f2p server which I dont want. So I dont think its intentional and hoping to see a answer as I dont find one in other threads or other socials.

yes they intentionally locked down the early access servers. they said that they intend to unlock servers at some point, but gave no clue as to how long down the road that could be. my guess is that it’s in the weeks to months range

Where was that stated? The only thing I see on locking servers was the link on my first post which does not list Ladon.

here is part. i’m looking for the post on Ladon in particular.

Yeah I saw that, just confused since ladon didnt have a q or very rarely even went busy.

Also picked it specifically for friends to join during f2p since it was predicted low pop. Hope its fixed soon!

Sigh, I’ve got 13 people waiting for Ladon to open :frowning:

Specifically picked Ladon since it was going to be low pop and currently no queues. No reason it should be locked especially without warning… Guess my early start is worthless now since I can’t play with my friends with toons now…