Lag during Chaos Dungeon

Hy, i’m here to know if someone have the same trouble during Chaos Dungeon, since 3 days, when i enter for the first time in this content, mobs don’t move for a very long time no matter what I do (like a classic internet latency) sometimes I take damage without knowing where it comes from or the game starts again but with a 3 sec delay on each action done by me or by the mobs or (the worst scenario) the game disconnects me from the servers… By the time I reconnect, the chaos dungeon timer is over and of course, my echo aura is consumed.
I have internet fibre and downloaded Lost Ark in just 1 hour.
It’s frustrating to miss out on a daily reward in this way several times in a row… Please help me .

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Exactly the same issue here, and it wasnt like that 2 days ago…
I never experienced these issues before
→ This will prevent me from doing my dongeons/raid on all my charc → So no progression → Being frustrating.

Can you please come back to us with a solution ?

Edit : I found a mega Topic on this issue :