Lag spikes, DCs and not being able to connect at all

Since the release(March 15th) the game start to be laggy, at first were only a few seconds, since yesterday(March 17th) is for almost 1 minute were I can move my player, the actions are no register if I use skills they are not visible and the cd does not start.
I check my internet connection, it is good, I have all windows update installed, I check the integrity of the local files. Yesterday while doing the story express pass I reach 225359 ms, and today I cannot pass the character selection screen. Also some times the load screen get stuck at around 80% and it don’t move at all, the music of the zone is in the background, but the game is kinda stuck loading, it is not freeze as the “Tips” change every few seconcds and the loading bar have the animation

Hello there @SilenceQuote, welcome to the Lost Ark forums.

I’m sorry to hear that you are having issues with connectivity we are aware of this issue and we are working to solve it, I can understand how frustrating it can be to not be able to play. I can see that you have done some troubleshooting already but please check out our resources for this issue here:

If the issue persist please contact our support team so we can investigate it further:

And please add your information to this megathread where we are also gathering information, don’t forget to add the necessary information:

Error Code:

Thank you for your patience and undertanding.

As you mention I already try the troubleshooting in those links, because I check them and perform the steps before posting here
Username: I guess is the steam username? SilenceQuote
Server/Region: Regulus/NAE
Error: I have a few of those
Cannot connect to the server. Exiting game.

Server authetication failed. Please try again.
Time: all the error were encounter today at around the time I post this.
Doing: Lag was encounter in story, was in luterra. Also in Chaos and Guardians. Nothing special/different to usual play yesterday night. Today I try to login and I was not able to pass char selection screen

Hi @SilenceQuote,

Please add this information to the megathread, that is where we are gathering all reports! And thank you for trying the troubleshooting resources, that helps us narrow down the issue.

Thank you for sharing the details with us.


Hi @Jormungandrh,
is there any update on this?
At this point I feel like the issue won’t be resolve this week, and will loose around 50k gold on raids, plus materials from Chaos and Guardian, also the events and tokens on the new event

Hello there @SilenceQuote,

I’m sorry to inform you that so far I haven’t found an update or important information that I can share with you but I will continue to keep an eye out for anything.

Thank you for your understanding.