Lag spikes ingame

I am looking for any support in regards to quite a random lag spikes ingame. I understood that my laptop spec shall handle the game, also I have all settings on low + I followed various suggestion: Verify files in steam, hide chat ingame, remove the names ingame.

My spec:
i5-7300HQ, 2,50GHZ
GTX1060, 6GB
16GB ram

The lag spikes are very random, once per 15-30 seconds. Its not related to loading new map or any specific skill usage… its completely random in my opinion.

That indeed makes the game very hard to play long-term.
Thx a lot for any troubleshooting and tips

Hello @snowman1111

My apologies for this inconvenence, please try this steps to improve your game performance:

Let me know if you need more help.

hi Dayuko,
many thanks for your prompt reply. I went through the suggested checks/solutions but none fixed the issue.
Also suprisingly when I clicked on the Auto settings ingame(video) it changed all details to High. Seems like my PC spec should really handle the game.

Is there anything else I could try/check?
Did you guys receive any other similar issues from other players/users?

Thx a lot,