Lag while playing alts

So this is strange, I recently started playing alts, about a month or less, and noted that while playing them the game lags a ton, and when I’m on my main the game run smooth and fine, I first thought that it was because of bunch things open, game being running for quite some time, but even when I first start playing on my alts the game gets very laggy, it stutters a lot, the worst is during guardian/abyss raids, when you try to heal, and the game lags, so you just die… it also happens on chaos dungeons, but on chaos dungeons I don’t really care, because it’s very hard to die there, and even if it happens there’s no punishment for it.
I really have no idea what’s causing this, it’s very strange the fact that the game can run just fine when playing my main, and its ONLY when I’m playing on alts that it becomes a potato… I wonder if it happens to other people too…

I get Ping spikes when i play on alts. As you said, for about a month now