Laggy chat/entering dungeons/raids the last 2 days (Slen - EU)

Not sure if its just me and my friend experiencing this or if its the server Slen/EU Central or worldwide but since the maintenance 2days ago the chat have had a delay of like 5-10second. Same goes for matchmaking to anything, zooning between levels in chaos dungeons/dungeons and so on…
Im a founder and played the early days and up to sunday with everything running buttery smooth. The latency have been about the same aswell ranging between 30-45ms.

Love the chaos dungeons fast action but feel that the sometimes up to 15-20sec downtime after entering the next level just watching my character standing there unable to move is somewhat ruining the fun.

As far as i know i have not updated any drivers or downloaded anything new since sunday but i could be wrong.
Just wanted to see if anyone else than me and my friend is experiencing this.