Lags and Disconnects in content is getting worse

Been trying to complete some Abyss dungeons, but I have been disconnected from both runs I had at Sea of Indolence and Tranquil Karkosa.

For Sea of Indolence, I was kicked as soon as we killed the boss and cutscene came out. I was not given the chance to roll the additional reward because of it. (Got the rest of the rewards)

For Tranquil Karkosa, my game crushed while I was fighting the last boss. When I reconnected, the game gave me the entrance ticket back, however I still lost my time to complete the first two bosses, plus the entire raid that would have lost the last boss, because it requires all 8 players to play the mechanics.

Anyone else having the same disconnection issues?

Now I got the same disconnection with the last abyss dungeon, Game disconnected as soon as I got into the last Alaric boss.

Seems to be happening for 8-man raid only, the other 4-man raids were working fine earlier in the morning.