Lags, disconnections and game difficulties - Neria EUC

There have been problems with the game on the Neria server for several days, on average several disconnections a day with the following error:

Today it disconnects me with a new error:

AH does not work almost at all, it is impossible to search for anything, errors as in the screenshot:

When can we expect these annoying bugs to be fixed?


Hello @lord.jox,

Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us.

I know how frustrating this can be, please take a look and try these troubleshooting steps on this Mega Thread created to support this situation.

Hop this helps! :magic_wand:

I did everything that was in the link, the problem is still there, in addition, I checked the game files in steam, dc still, ah it does not work, and when logging in today I noticed this:

I’m still waiting for the issues to be fixed

This is not the only Person with that problems.
And again you post this troublkeshooting steps to the players…
We need answers and not the same and the same things reposting from you.
Fix this Game guys what the fuck man -.-

Are you making joke of players? I’m launching the game after weekly maintenance and after 10 minutes of DC, when will you fix this?

Hi @lord.jox and @Qstix

Hope you are doing well!

Thank you for your reply about this problem.

Regarding to this disconnection issue, The team is aware of the problem and they are working to fix it.

I also like to share a Megathread link to report any issues you may experience, as this information is extremely valuable to our teams:

At the moment we have any update about it we will let you know about it.

Hope you have nice day! :wolf:

Another two dc just now, once sailing at sea, second time exchanging bloodstones in Vern.
When will this be fixed?