Lags while playing

Hello, since i started playing the game I’ve been expierencing lags/lag spikes. It’s not bcs of my computer I’m currently running LA on RTX 2070 Super, 16 GB ram, I have tried changing DirectX 11 to DirectX 9, lowering my quality, turning off chat notifications. But nothing seems to work. The lag is making doing raids really hard cause sometimes im trying to dodge and then I get lagged and I dont see whats going on for a moment untill it unlags. Please help me I’m out of ideas and don’t know what to do.

most likely due to bots infesting the servers.
this will never go away until they permaban all bots/manage the playerbase.

i guess they would rather have their game to have higher concurrent player count than happy fewer players.

So apperently I fixed this issue by redownlaoding my game but instead on my HDD i downloaded the game on my SSD and now its not freezing anymore.

I have this problem when I receive a new mail. Usually this mail comes with a message like “Someone outbid you on X items” and this is when I get a 1-2 sec freeze.
This is happening since the last big patch.