Lakebar Game Freezing Bug

Anytime I move past this area in Lakebar my game just freezes and I can’t click anything, and I have to end task to get the game to close, I’ve tried waiting for it to pass, clicking, restarting, playing on different worlds, servers, and channels, tried removing all my overlays and changing video settings and I’m at a loss. I’ve looked online for solutions but it seems like nobody else has had this issue so far, Any solution that helps me get back to playing the game is very welcome.

I’ll also mention that when the freeze happens I can still hear game audio and am able to move my cursor around but nothing else. and when I restart and load back in, my character spawns just before the spot where the game freezes.

I have the same issue but in a different location. During “Umar sculpture” solo scenario when I try to walk over stairs like on the screenshot my game freezes. I’ve never experienced any bugs before in this game. I played on DX11, max settings - changed to DX9 on max setting and later to DX9 low settings. Still no solution, same freezes. Even trying loging in during this freeze it’s impossible since loading screen barely moves. I have to wait 10-15min till it kicks me out of instance. The biggest problem is that I can’t progress my main story.

EDIT: After few tries I fixed it. Try Verify Integrity of Game Files on steam - worked like a charm for me.