just so you guys know

Lance master - April
Destroyer - May

Trial guardians, South Vern. Valtan

Would be nice to know entire class order, even if we didn’t have exact dates though.


Hells yes

What do you know, its the infamous Roadmap

Glaiver :eyes:

I like the lance master, though that new name glavier is kind of goofy.
I just kind of wish they’d give us the dang artist, with only 2 support classes in the game I’d like to see another.
But shrug everyone will have things they wish were coming sooner I suppose

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“Accelerated release for classes” only 1 class on April and Destroyer gets moved to May what a joke.

Summoner in Public Beta.

Summoner not released at all.


Who needs mages and assassins if we can have lots of warriors and martial artists?


Roxx is right, I will keep calling her Lancemaster and be thankful for getting her as the first new class <3

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Okay this is incredibly hype. I was expecting them to hold her back until player count really started to drop. Super excited!

Time to go and spend an hour in character creation to save a preset for her.

Where are the classes man it doesn’t make any sense releasing people’s mains like this lmao. All they did was move lance master up and thats it lmao.

Sad news.


one fkn class? is this a joke?


So basically all the crying on twitter / reddit and here forced them to release lance master delaying destroyer to may just because everyone cried good to know they will now bend over to any crying people do.

so now what happens if after lance master they cry we want something else in may is desotryer delayed again? total and utter joke should released both lance/destroyer in april.

see you all in may.


This reminds me of how long Lee Sin and Yasuo are allowed to remain overtuned in league.


Rejoice Homies, she has Arrived!

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well here’s reason #1 I’m never going to have a main, every time a new class comes out, “you are my main now”

HELL YEAAAAAA Lance Master MAIN BABY :heart_eyes:

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the name Glavier :rofl:

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it’s beyond a joke to be honest.

@Roxx If people cry we don’t want desotryer in may will AGS bend over again so a class some of us wanted to play is delayed purely on peer pressure why can’t you release 2 classes? why you drip feeding?

honestly beyond tilted.