Lancemaster tripod question

So i have both tripods that give 50% crit rate on Thrust of destruction and yet i don’t crit 100% of the time. Is there something I’m missing here or is it bugged?

Do you charge the Skill 100%? The Last tripod only works if fully charged.

yeah that’s why i don’t get it. i go to trixion to test but it doesn’t always crit it’s really weird. unless the first tripod comes in only when you tap the spell?

Tested it now and you are right.
“Gather energy onto your spear, inflicting x and x Damage to foes at close range,”

This seems only getting the crit chance from gear.

“then thrust forward, releasing a beam of energy that inflicts x Damage 3 times, and x Damage 1 time.”

This crits alot, but not 100%. That seems really weird.

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It’s probably multiplicative and not additive. So you might have like 75% crit.

I’m going to bank on this being either a flat out ‘it doesn’t work’ bug, or that it isn’t a flat addative 50% but instead adds 50% more from whatever critical hit chance you already have. (so at 10% it would become 15%)

Mind you, that wouldn’t match the behavior of other classes critical hit tripods, which seem to be flat increases. (So +15% with base 10% is 25%)

Edit: Is it possible they left out the text about ‘if you hit with the tip of the spear’ while it still applies to our build? I know the KR PTR removed the need to hit with that specific part of the hitbox, but I don’t think our build matches that.

This is a localization error, the crit rate tripods for 4-Headed Dragon, Thrust of Destruction and Spiraling Spear only grant the the crit rate for the tip of the attack, so the glowing spear animation at the very edge

Edit: I got here because I was gonna make a post about this, but since we’re here I guess I will hijack to post the testing video to not duplicate posts
There are some crits when close to the scarecrow, but that is just large hitbox and rough positioning, you can very clearly see the difference between being at the “tip” distance and being too close


Okay so the thought I had was right. It’s not changed for us, but whoever AGS farmed it out to wrote the descriptions without that IMPORTANT information.