Language filter and weird words being banned

So im danish, and some danish and english words are straight up not able to be typed for multiple reasons since weird words are banned.

1: For some reason Æ is an okay letter, but the game doesnt recognise ØÅ or other nordic letters as far as i can tell. Can they be added so the game recognise the letters like it does most letters from other languages? Of course the same treatment for other languages if they have similar problems of some letters not being known while others are.

2: Some weird words are banned. Just learned that F O K is banned, since im guessing it can be taken as the F word, but like if i put it as a part of another word, it censors the banned part of the word. Why is the filter like this when its just used as a part of another word? Focus is spelled with a K instead of C in danish as an example, so i cant type that to guildies.

3: Some of this could be fixed if you could disable the language filter like you can in pretty much all other games. So why has it not been added as an option? i know it has probably been mentioned before, just wanted to see if there was any work being done on it, or a response to why its not being added.

the german word “frühstücken” - having breakfast ist censored.
the filter is just random bs…