Language filter buggy as hell

try writing “1415-1430” in game and it will say ur message contains an inappropriate word or phrase. Can someone explain whats offensive about these numbers?

The same thing happens if you try to say “1415 to 1430”
it allows “1415 to 1”
fails at “1415 to 14”
idk why, Im just going to assume the code is faulty and this should get looked at its really annoying that we get censored trying to have normal conversations.

Pls fix this language filter

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PLEASE. The language filter is absolutely rediculous.

It’s impossible to communicate in game about several of the game systems because you’re constantly fighting the filter.

Try talking about engraving levels to aim for? Filtered.
Try talking about your current ilvl? Filtered.
Try talking about a raid mechanic that numbers help explain? Filtered.

This is the kind of polish I would expect from a undergrad language filter project, not a MMO release that had its localization done by one of the largest companies in the world.