Language Issue On EU Servers

So Amazon there is a reason why the worlds best-known MMO Does this with their EU servers.
How could you have Missed this simple Solution lol.
Language-Specific server lists and pages. So communities can pick homes and it be public knowledge. So knowing if the server is going to be English or French is a non-issue.
So 10s of thousands don’t all try to ram 1 server because It was the publicly chosen server for the language you want. Its So simple.


They didn’t miss the solution. They were presented with the solution prior to launch and decided against doing it. There’s a small but important difference.

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In case people are wondering how the servers ended up having unofficial languages ill drop this here. This is how lol.

Im on the brink of quitting this game after paying 100 Euro for 5 hours of gametime, just because this issue. It utter nonsense and dunno who to blame - Amazon with the server specification or the Players that “unofficially” decided they will claim specific server for “theirs”…

It’s Amazons Fault at the end of the day. They should have learned from NewWorld. An Almost Identical issue happened there. But they did add Language tags in the end but Paired them like EN/FR, EN/DE which then did nothing to solve the issue. Then the Turks moved over to the Unofficial Pure EN servers that people joined and tried to convert it.

Alas they have made it 10x worse here now by adding the founders pack into the mix.
All they needed to do at launch is list the majority of servers as EN then make sure FR, DE, IT, ES had some servers and hey presto. Issue Solved. May have still had the Founders pack issue. But the language Issue would be non existant.

Yep. When they made the decision to not add language tags DESPITE being told exactly what would happen, I chose not to purchase a Founder’s pack. I’m only online trying to help people and to watch the train wreck.

EU is not like the US. Where its quite reasonable to say that a lot of European Gamers do learn English as a second language and half the time its Non-native English speakers asking for English to be used. You cant expect EN to be the default and not cater to those Europeans who really do need servers for them.

Dude, just tried to log in to the game and BAM! Im suspended(same as 2 of my buddies) for Verbal Abuse…

Gosh, this is out of control! Im sick mad atm…

Other ppl in chat cursed at those guys and mocked their nationality and Im getting suspended for asking if this is the X lang server, can i transfer and asking if its possible to speak english, cause its clear they know how to by their responses…

Well, i can’t comment if it was warranted or not. But Yeah I guessing argument over language and you got reported a bunch. Happens sadly. That’s why I’m just putting up with the long queue on Zin lol