Languages in global chat

Are we allowed to speak our own language in Global Chat, or are there rules against it?

I’m seeing people telling others to report users that speak anything other than English in Global.

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Entitled pricks. Let them and ignore them.

If you can, react to them in a different language, gets them really upset fast. If you´re lucky they start insulting you, and you can report them, resulting in a possible ban

Enjoy :wink:


With EU server, we can speak different language : spanish, french… English players are used to everyone speaking English, and often don’t understand when others want to use their own language.


Good to hear. Not that speaking English is a problem, but I do see people speak languages I understand and I answer in those languages.

Would love an official answer on this. Don’t want to get in trouble for speaking other languages, then being reported for it and losing my stuff.

Hello Havok,

I really appreciate you’re communicating to us about this issue and also grateful for XashDE and badface also sharing information about this topic.

Checking the Amazon Games Content Usage Policy and the Amazon Games Terms of Use, it doesn’t restrict us to use an specific language in Global Chats.

You can check these policies within these links:

Thank you again for contacting us regarding this information and I wish you all safe travels in Arkesia. :small_orange_diamond: :mage:t2: