Large List of Feedback Before I Go

Here is a list of things I’ve written down over the past month. Why? Because it’s in my nature to leave feedback on games, but didn’t want to make a new thread for everything.

These are all personal; I tend to do this when I’m heavily invested in a game…feel free to disagree. Here we go.

  • Pheons as a tax to send gear to alts feels horrible for a game based around alts. Even halving the cost would be a good change.
  • Bosses who spam movement skills every 1.5 seconds are annoying as hell. Yes, some juking is fine, but when they literally won’t stop for 6 seconds straight? It’s too much and turns from a mechanic into random spasms.
  • Disparity between luck when it comes to honing. Feeling unlucky is one thing; having objectively FAR worse luck than someone else is another when you can objectively compare them. Here’s a post that emphasizes it:
    From 1400 -> 1415 - #11 by petar.pan3372
  • Tri-pod RNG without bad luck protection seems innately wrong. Failing 6-7 30% transfers in a row just leaves you with an empty feeling.
  • Stone cutting RNG is not accurate. I do not care what any dev has said, it is not accurate. If it is, then it’s inversely so, meaning 75% success is consistently 25% and vice versa. I think a mini-game where you get to actively have a part in the final 4 cuts of each stone would be great; kinda like a ‘perfect’ attack.
  • Dangling new classes in front of us and telling us to wait nearly a year and that it’s for “the health of the game” is deceitful and shows a lack of integrity, especially when going against previous statements.
  • Bots give the game a ‘cheap knockoff’ feel and ultiamtely contribute to RMT players progressing much further than anyone else. Solution? Could go on forever, but I think making LA F2P, but B2P to send/receive gold above a certain amount could work. This was off the top of my head though so whatever.
  • Cube survival stages you only get to attempt once every 5 months. You die to it once and will likely never see it again. Yeah…better give us 18 more waves of white mobs to 1-shot. So fun.
  • ‘Air pressure damage.’ I dno, I’d prefer the visuals to be bigger rather than having us imagine what’s hitting us. From stomps to wing attacks, the hit-markers often make little sense.
  • Restart votes appearing in a griefable spot. If only it didn’t literally screw you over when someone presses restart out of ignorance. Others have suggested to only let the party leader press it while dead, and otherwise only alive players can. I think that’s a good call, but it needs to be moved either way. Maybe only put center-screen if the party leader or alive players initiate it?
  • Igrexion’s ‘grill’ ability where multiple ‘lines’ of lava appear in his final phase. I cannot tell how many times I have been nearly perfectly between them in a ‘safe’ area, yet still get hit for 1/4 my HP. When my decisions in a fight don’t matter, it’s easy to stop caring.

Do I just run away from the boss now? About 50% of the time. The other 20% I sit in and avoid it, 5% I just get hit by it like an idiot, and 25% of the time I avoid it visually, but the game decides I should get hit anyway.

  • Damage tri-pods on supports (mostly bard.) Look, I’m all in favour of giving supports damage, but not only is bard’s damage never really ‘good,’ but getting 14% damage on sound shock as opposed to a longer debuff for a higher level tripod makes absolutely no sense.

  • Being stuck on one optimal Guardian Raid for a long time. If my alt is 1340, Igrexion is the only choice. I’m tired of Igrexion but don’t want to gimp my earnings. More variety per ilvl threshold would be great.

Giving more loot for easier bosses may not make sense either, but there are solutions such as daily challenge guardian events…modeled after the weekly, but moreso a random guardian that’s chosen to scale for everyone each day.

  • Bosses cancelling abilities to avoid Awakenings or other big hits. I’ve seen it a few times, but my more recent is with Seto. He was about to do the ball kicking ability where he usually kicks 2-3 times, but right as he kicked the first one he immediately dodged out of the way of my ability as I held my key down.

There is no way this is not scripted as a response to big hits. People talk about waiting to use your ability at the right time, otherwise you’re just bad, but if animations can be cancelled by the boss that kinda eliminates that, right? I believe it would be naive to think it’s just bad luck.

  • Guardians…map design…running…no HP or stagger bar. Yes, 2 of the maps were improved recently, but I still think it’s messed up to not make ALL guardians like Deskaluda, where you can stop the running by doing something rather than throwing a pee jar. It’s a bit easy for Deskaluda, but the idea is there.
  • The difference between a 1-tap and pity is FAR too big. It goes from me getting 1415 with 16 Leapstones, or the 275ish I actually used. It’s actually nutty and a borderline sadistic design. People say to expect pity, but when I see and hear people 1-2 tapping a lot of their gear, it’s difficult not to hope.
  • Taking away the ONLY 4man at 1415. If you’re going to say “you can still run it even if you don’t get gold” then you’re missing the point on purpose. No other game is so strict and stingy with stuff like this. You’re essentially taking away an entire type of content because you’re too afraid of people getting a bit more gold in the week.
  • Unable to change players in abyssal raids without doing it all over again. Gate of Paradise can have one troll or jerk ruin it for everyone else due to how the mechanics are, and you need to quit and re-do it all JUST because of them.
  • Random damage reductions. Igrexion and Yoho mostly atm. There’s no logic to Yoho’s reduction outside the designer going “haha they will get mad.” For Igrexion there’s at least a thematical reason from the looks of it, and you can kind of guess when he’s gonna do it, but not always. It’s bad either way, unless it serves a specific purpose that players need to adjust for rather than “woops goodbye meteor dmg lol.”
  • Accessories short of near-perfect aren’t even considered for buying/selling due to pheons. I’ve never seen such a restrictive economy in a game in my life. Community laughs at you for ever using pheons on non-perfect gear and expects you to be a burden on alts until you can spend thousands or tens of thousands of gold.
  • Chaos Dungeons were fun the first 100 times. After realizing how limiting the spawn rate, aggro radius and layouts are, it feels worse than D3 GRs. PoE has flaws too, but at least the grinding appears in a thematical map that has ambience rather than a small room with movement buffs everywhere.

My idea for this can be found here: Chaos Dungeon Difficulty Options (Suggestion)

  • Combat RNG. 60% chance to crit during igniter, and all 3 big nukes fail to crit, making my damage go down the drain. Is this the same with other games? Of course, but as igniter it feels even less fair. I don’t think this will change…but you could add “Fire spells are guaranteed to crit” but that’d cause a lot of problems balance-wise.
  • Weekly chance items such as “Entrance Tickets”…RNG. What prompted me putting this in the list, is getting 1 ticket from 14 boxes. It’s a weekly box for crying out loud…why is it so stingy?
  • MVP system doesn’t even do the tiny job it’s supposed to: add flavour to the end of the kill. I play both bard and paladin, so getting 90% healing done just because no one else was hurt enough to potion doesn’t make sense. That’s not MVP, that’s healing 30% of everyone’s health cause they didn’t take damage.

Further, getting annihilator to cover up your damage stat just feels bad. Yes, my abilities have stagger on them…that’s not an accomplishment or something I will ever care for.
One of two easy changes for this:

  1. Show everyone’s damage, healing, stagger and items used.
  2. Show everyone’s notable mentions (same as above but no percentages outside MVP.)
  • Chat filter. I literally cannot type in numbers, and often paragraphs explaining a fight are ‘inappropriate’ while a bloody bot spams me with whispers. This has been ignored for so long that it’s clear SG and AGS want to keep it this way, despite it being one of the most obvious things to change. The ONLY reason I see to keep this is a tinfoil hat idea…which shows the absurdity of it. You are not stopping bots or RMT with this. Get rid of it or make it optional.
  • Guilds are tiny and don’t allow alts if you care for an actually active guilds. In a game that relies so heavily on alts, it’s absolutely absurd.
  • Supports being second-thoughts when it comes to high-end solo content. Mine are only 1370, but I’ve heard from 1415+ supports that it becomes a lot more difficult…especially things like red portals in chaos dungeons. Also, supports getting less contribution in scenarios such as world bosses is odd.
  • Tower on supports is hell compared to DPS classes. Not impossible, just hell. No one cares about T1/T2 tower balance, but it’s still an important aspect of the game for your main, or gearing up alts.
  • Only letting people with Crystaline Aura repair in Abyssals. Apparently there are scrolls for this, but it’s mostly an issue for new players anyway…so just let everyone repair, ok?
  • Mari’s shop is either 50% off or 100% price increase. The devs know the prices, as they adjusted them intentionally at one point. What’s the point of Mari’s if you’re just using it to scam people out of blue crystals? It’s so blatant at times that it seems malicious (Guardian Stones were stupidly overpriced last I checked.)
  • Honing…All I know, is that I win almost every pity-party in area chat when I list my fails and character levels. I’m not even honing for my main character yet (since they aren’t released.)

I can be enjoying the game, and then after a honing session I question everything. Over time I’ve grown a surprising resistance to it, (I was REALLY bad before) but after days of it I can’t help but lose that resistance at times.

  • Useless stats. A necklace with all the same stats, except substituting crit for expertise, goes from 6,000g to 88g on my AH. “Well obviously. Crit is amazing.” Well why can’t expertise at least be decent? May as well make expertise a debuff; the value on the AH would hardly change.
  • P2W. I’ve dropped this as an issue for a long time, but after listening to a PoE streamer joke about PoE being P2W, I remembered. Lost Ark has done an amazing job of converting content creators into whales; so many of them doing something they’d never have done prior to it. Funny how this isn’t even a top 10 concern for me…
  • Useless engravings that aren’t even worth trying to use or sell. Look, I know there are niche uses, but there are far too many that simply don’t add up to the rest. Selling a legendary book for 16g just feels wrong. There is so much optimizing that could go on in the game to make them actually usable.

And now…reasons why I played and very much enjoyed Lost Ark despite all of that.

  • Gameplay felt refined and fluid.

  • It was all I wanted in D3.

  • There was a big world to explore. Sailing was cool as a side thing, and teleporting with limitations felt useful without eliminating regular travel. Bifrosts may be a bit too OP, but I won’t complain.

  • Character progression depth amazed me; the fact that I’m only 2 skill potions away from having them all says plenty. One is the ignea one though, so prolly wouldn’t ever get that.

  • Being a support felt good (in groups,) because I was still apart of the action despite my lower numbers and support focus.

  • Lullaby Island music is absolutely gorgeous. A few days ago I played the song for Gideon, and my brain almost disconnected. Not only does it remind me of the first 2ish months of binging this game like a madman and loving it, but it’s super relaxing.

Anyways, I’ve given all my gold away and uninstalled now. I have a hard time playing a game where the devs have such disregard for their players. Call me spoiled if you want, I can see the logic behind such an insult.

Learning I won’t be able to play the character I’ve been hyped about since near-launch until 10ish months from now destroyed my ability to play through everything listed here. Lost Ark is still awesome, but it has a lot of baggage…at least for me.

This post has been edit down from 3,447 words and 18,952 characters to 2,254 words 12,517 characters; the original is more ranty and repetitive. I know, yikes.


You absolutely nailed it. It is rather to bad that everything you said makes sense and it will not change a thing.


I like most of this, but just a couple of comments (not necessarily in dispute):

It never used to be like this. In Season One you would see bomb stages as frequently as any other stage. What changed was Cube went from a daily (x3) task to an infrequent ticket drop. I imagine they wanted to lower the frequency of a bomb room destroying a run, but you’re absolutely right that it means people can’t learn the patterns quickly.

The safe spot is directly in the middle of the lines. If you’re off centre you will get hit because the damage zone appears to be slightly bigger than the visual. Not great, but it is something you get used to on this particular fight.

This whole thing is getting revamped soon.

The “repair shop portal scroll” doesn’t actually repair, it teleports you to the repair circle in guardian raids. Crystalline aura is still the only way to repair.

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well put together. How feedback should be done regardless of agreeing or not.

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I agree with pretty much all of this. Unfortunately, the publisher doesn’t care, and Smilegate could be doing a lot more to make the game better for all regions, but they don’t. Telling players that feedback is listened to and then spitting in their faces by slowing down class releases when everyone has been saying it was too slow shows a lack of respect for the people who pay the bills.


AGS/SG won’t care. They got their own ideas and roadmap set in stone.


Pheons, Yes i agree this needs to be changed. i understand pheons is a great way for them to make money but there needs to be a smarter way of trading things to alts

There are a few, Specfically in chaos dungeon who will do attack tha tmove them forward extrmely far for no reason but otherwise most bosses have paterns if you play enough you’ll learn them.

Disparity between luck when it comes to honing, i agree with this stament but i also don’t have a solid solution that i think is fair. Most want things handded to them. i for one think it’s okay but needs some tweaking

Tripod protection sounds pretty good but keep in mind if they do add a systme like this. it encourages more pay to win since you can by them off the shop and eventualy pity until you get it. This idea kinda goes against alot of what you dislike about lost ark in this same post so be careful what you wish for

Stonecutting RNG is a set-up i agree

If they released destroyer before the class balance patch, the destroyer wouldve been DOA due to how poor the class was. Class balanace patchs also shouldnt be rushed. The pacing si fine and if you enjoy lost ark you will play it with a class you think you like or not.

botting suck but the reality of it is that if players didn’t buy from RMT websites people wouldnt feel the need to bot. The war on bots is not easy and there are many solution in other regions that has helped (like social security numbers) that we know NA/EU would not be down for. We can complain on the fourms about how the bots are bad but the reality is if players stop buying the from the RMT sites they simply don’t do it. Players struggle with accepting responsability for thier actions and it’s easy to blame the dev i guess.

Cube survioval. Now i read you whole post before even typing a response to this one point and honestly it seems the reason you have quite a few issues we will touch on shortly, is because you simply don’t play enough. I have at least 20 cube tickets as we speak across my alts and i see a cube trial nearly daily. You dont play enough, this is a big reason why you have a ton of issues that can easily be understood by simplay learning the game.

Igrexion’s ‘grill’ ability where multiple ‘lines’ of lava appear in his final phase. This is another prime examaple of not playing the game enough. You are obviously not center of it complaining about it does nothing. instead of running away fromt the issue why not try improving? that concept is lost on a ton of players.

This is another case of you nothing playing the game enough and learning. Lost ark isnt a game you should just walk into and spam and do whatever you like. every boss have a patern. Just pay attention and learn it. hopefully you’re nto foaming at the mouth about me tellign you to just get better but the simple reality is it seems you’re dying to easyt stuff because either you dont pay attention or you’re just not good enough.

Deskaluda He has this because it has a counter mechanism that stops him from running away. something of a risk vs. reward thing. For the first 3 months I hardly saw a single player use a counter. The issue isn’t the design; the issue is that players at lower tiers simply won’t do it. Even when I play on 1370 alts against Yoho, those players still actively run away from the counter rather than holding it for when he does it. Most players lack game sense, and most just spam mindlessly without thinking about what they’re doing. This feedback requires players to be better. It’s as simple as that.

There’s something that can be improved with guardians, mostly how many you have to do a day, but if you don’t like the design of the content, simply don’t do it. I like having multiple systems in the game that create different experiences. A lot of this comes off as you’re lazy and you don’t want to play the game. If that’s the case, then don’t play the content.

We know that content that is coming will replace this and require a very small bit of patience. If you have alt (in which it seems you dont based on the things stated about the cube and inexperince with igrexion) then you would still have this content to do.

i agree this needs work

This again goes back to you just being unfamiliar with the mechanisms or simply not paying attention. We can deduce that when you stand still and howl, this represents something. Either he is preparing an attack or using a skill to reduce damage taken. Most bosses have something similar to this to some extent. Not just damage reduction, but also other mechs. If you just take the time to reflect upon these changes, then you will be better off. It seems from this whole post that you lack game sense and are inexperienced.

This was changed two weeks ago with the update. Maybe you dont actually play the game anymore but we know from jsut simply playing it has impoved vastly.

near 100% crit is easy to achieve in most cases. You didn’t build your character right and it seems you want a sorc to just get free crit when the class can freely cast safely most of the time and can get high crit extremely easily with okay stats and engravings. I honestly can’t tell if you’re trolling or if this is serious.

Supports get the raw end of the stick, and as a 1460 paladin main, I agree that this needs work. I’m not sure how this would work, but the core system behind towers is pure dps focused, and with thronespire around the corner, more pain will ensue. They can just lower the HP of the enemy in the tower (and possibly lower damage as well) for when support enters the towers. For the most part, this fixes the issues without having to change too much.

I have played since the launch and have not spent a single penny on the aura. If I sell my mats for 1 day out of the month, I can pay for 4 months of cystaline aura. The only people affected by this are usually new players, and they get a decent grace period with the aura. If you can’t get the aura, you’re simply not even remotely close to trying to play the game.

While stats are important, you can absolutely use things with expertise until you get what you need. Not everyone should be handed a participation trophy. RNG in this way makes the reward feel exciting, and if you simply just play more, you have a higher chance. You seem very casual, so you should expect to get everything.

My takeaway from this post:

You are clearly a very casual player who dont undersdtand alot of the systems, probaly dont play very well and generally want things to be easier for you. MMO’s in nature is not built around players playing in a very casual nature and expect to obtain the same items,skills and knowlegde as other player whom plays quite a bit more.

There are a ton of issues the game has, some of which you mentioned. A lot of things that you talked about and didn’t mention because of your casual thinking. Prime example: talking about guardian design rather than talking about how many we have to do daily. This is an exmaple of a player who dont play the game with alts and dont feel the pressure of doing it daily, rather not liking the core design and complaining about it.

I hope you find a game more suited to how you like to game.

Bye. Can I have your gold?

No, if you play igniter on that fight you get to watch a lot of doomsdays get eaten by it deciding to do some random damage reduction move while the spell was still in-flight. If you hold your spells for the few times during the fight where it’s guaranteed to land (muh patterns xd) you’re also going to lose a ton of damage. It’d be complained about more if it weren’t for all the good players doing Velganos instead, which doesn’t have this problem.

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His phasea are in fact not random. You need to learn mechs. it’s that simple

Sure bro. I don’t think you realize how many of its moves have damage reduction.

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You didn’t really have to include my post on that topic, here. Because even though I got extremely lucky that time, there were countless times I went completely broke with having no over than 10-50 gold. I’ve reached “Strategic Failure” in 2nd month of the game release and faced pity on all pieces from 1417.5 till 1445.
So I had my fair share of unluckiness.

I feel you brother. I really enjoyed diablo 3 GR and LA is a great game and it pains me to have lost all my enthusiasm about it.

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THE LEVELS ARE RANDOM. I have run HUNDREDS of cubes and have only gotten that level ONCE. You really aren’t getting the actual problem, are you?

I literally stop attacking and stutter-step into the perfect middle, and get blasted into the air. Sometimes I don’t though. That’s the frustration.

So because your only issue with GRs is that we need to do too many, you decided to completely miss the point?

I WANT MORE COUNTERS LIKE DESKALUDA WHILE THEY RUN. Go re-read what I typed; I’ve re-read yours 3 times now in hopes I was missing something…but nope.

1415 sorc, 1370 paladin, 1370 bard, 1340 glaivier, 1000 soufist, 960 artillerist. You read and/or misunderstood my cube comment, and nothing you say will make me believe otherwise.

Whether someone has patience is a different topic from removing the ONLY 4man available. Don’t change the topic.

Except my Doomsday can already be on its way and then the animation starts. You only play fast-attacking classes, don’t you?

Also, there are a lot of Yoho abilities that happen extremely fast, such as her backward leap. You’re patting yourself on the back by pretending it’s all predictable. I love how you call me inexperienced and pretend I can’t read an animation that IS happening. My problem is clearly things which don’t have a wind-up, and catch big attacks due to cast-times.

The strawman you’re making implies I keep casting once I see the howl. I don’t. My Doomsday is cast with NO DR HAPPENING AT ALL, and then LANDS ONCE THE RANDOM HOWL OCCURS.

Simple. Go ahead and make another strawman, though.

Didn’t notice it, and I stopped playing the same day I posted this thread. You’re talking out your rear here.

You’re the only troll here. I have a crit/spec necklace and use precise dagger to help my crit. Lots of this post is old though, so I think I was at 65-70% crit when actually quitting. Doesn’t change the fact that 70% crit = 3 big non-crit nukes = crappy.

You’re far too desperate to defend LA by discrediting me, and all you’ve made far too many faulty arguments to be calling me the troll.

I’d prefer they actually give supports tripods for more damage while out of a group, especially bard…but any fix is a fix.

I’ve also had it the entire time. My experience here was with someone else in the group being broken. It’s still a problem that needs fixing.

Not everything needs crit/swift/spec; I just want the other 3 stats to be better.

I’ve played MMOs for almost 17 years and games in general for longer. I’m not the best player, but your takeaway is wrong.

Getting top 200 in multiple D3 seasons in a row years ago isn’t necessarily an accomplishment, but it is something I did; even got top 50 one time, if I recall correctly…the numbers changed after I quit the season, of course.

No, I think it has more to do with my way of thinking. Yes, I do think we should only need 1 GR per character, but needing 2 isn’t something that frustrates me. What does? Ping-pong Yoho.

I love the core design of the actual gameplay. If they literally just added a 1-2 second cooldown to some of those boss movement abilities, I’d be happy. Again, this is highly class dependent; as an igniter sorc, I feel this FAR more than on my paladin.

I loved this game. I want to like it. I’m quitting because of the class release cadence, not what’s listed here. I implied as much at the end of my post here:

Right here.

The whole point of this thread was to drive a point home:

I am willing to put up with ALL of these perceived negatives IF they didn’t take a shit on those waiting for classes to release.

Honestly, your post kinda pissed me off, but I’m glad you read my thread.

This is what AGS/Smilegate thinks of your feedback:

You love that emote, don’t ya?

If only I could throw away thoughts of Lost Ark as easily as she dispatches that paper. Although I’ve already given away all my gold and uninstalled, I’m still hanging around 'till next Thurs on these forums to see if there’s any updates…yeah, I’m struggling a bit.

Good news is, WoW’s Dragonflight expansion has updates, so that makes it easier for sure.

That said, even if I’m sticking around till Thurs, I am going to make an effort to not respond to this thread very much…

Still haven’t seen one person do a run without getting hit many times knowing the mech my ass!