Last day Feedback game / forums closing

Hey all,

Wanted to thank you all for a great time on Lost Ark, we had many ups and down sides and couple of time were it went the way we disliked the updates.

Small feedback to share:

Because forums is going to be closed, please have a proper Discord ready and don’t randomly ban players because they are making a post that have sometimes a negative impact.
Please make discord forum base but without option to bump it to the top, Discord is useless.
Aswell many don’t like it, maybe you shouldn’t push it and move to reddit?

Updates Lost Ark:
Because many of us wants proper events or updates with content we wish to have it at least in a nice time frame. Pushing out but give us lower cost for silver/shards not helping if majority still counts gold and material. We need to play many hours to compete, what is point of rushing content when the majority can’t even get closer. Wouldn’t be nice to hit Akkan normal with only daily of 5 lobbies up.

Releasing classes:
Shame that we have to deal with another AGS/smilegate logic, I can’t tell who’s idea it was but lets make it fair comment with this.

Roxx, you’re amazing person but a tip from my side. If you do not know a 100% off something going to happen in release order. Shut the hell up and don’t talk or write it down. You hyped from January until the Roadmap xxxxx people for getting Aeromancer at last, then this joke is on you it. Now we are stuck with a 0 syngery which is getting released as Slayer. Not to forget… it’s already getting nerfed.

Why not play it smart and release both, ha ha… late april fool. Shame, hope you can still fix this.

With Kyangel and Elgacia release it was great to have a small push, but Akkan in August must be a joke.

The reason it was released is: We still want to catch up on korea, makes no sense because they have worth of a year doing side content for mats vs us. As well many are getting burned out. No fair point for sidereal item too cause of lack of material in a year to claim.

Akkan hm is not designed for everyone first week and is only reachable for RMTers who don’t get banned. Some whales we are legit will hit it, but out the 60k players that is only about 100 whales, we see around 2000/5000 players having level 25 weapon etc. Which is in the majority of players impossible because of the fast push. Please ban them asap.

Is it worth pushing 1600? No, rewards are bit lower but no extra different stuff from hm gain.

These are issue, yet you never ban RMTers, I reported couple I know they RMT. Since your population is so small and become smaller you let them keep on playing. “You think they hype up the game but they are nothing but anoying monkays”

Bots: welp, put a team on it to clear weekly, but billionair company can’t waste money right. Other games can easily deal with it, Lost Ark has issues with it for years.

Thank you all for a great time on Lost Ark and the forums. Hopeful they are still delay Akkan and push Aeromancer to front but I doubt.

I might keep on playing until Elgacia, will see. Many more other nice games getting released, most people are hyped for Diablo at the moment or the Riot MMO.

Thank you @Roxx and @Sandovall for sharing info, hopeful you all have a job around Discord else I wish you a great time.

Cheers all see you in game or next greatest MMO not owned by servers from Amazon (not making same mistake ever again ^^)


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I dont go To Discord because i dont want my Phone number in a 3rd Party Programm like discord to Keep me up to date with the game.

Just my 2 Cent

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Ah I never though about that… great lol

you need an amazon account to sign in the forums, they already have most of your personal info

Yes but Discord is a 3rd Party and i only waited for someone like you :smiley:

First its Only your Phone number maybe later they want your Social Security Number or other things :wink: it always begin with little steps.

And then always someone come around and say oh they have this and that true but i dont need to put my Information every where.

And since nothing is 100% Save im not in the mood to Put my information on Discord not Long time ago also the Plastation Store got a Data Leak so i dont trust in Discord If you do so fine :slight_smile:

“A kingdome rule by fear is not worth ruleing” oh my sweet summer child amazon clown studios. One of my friends have a great story on this. He bought gold in january (X amount). Got banned in april for bying Y amount on another date. He appealed and was unbanned after 1 day.

And all the players getting scammed by busses that crash :smiley:. I can’t wait for how good amazon will handle blue protocol/throne of liberty.

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The thing that has been buggins us the most are the people advertising in party finder, can’t even report them properly because they dont accept anyone in the lobby.

I don’t understand why they can’t assign someone to ban them, it’s region wide so surely one person is enough.

Same with bots, there are locations where the majority of them go, just hire one intern per server and ban them…

Banning rtm players is downright stupid, they rmt because it is cheaper because of the bots ! Otherwise they would just buy gold in game.
And i would pay to know who was the genius who decided that if you buy gold in game you need 3 days to do anything with it (including skins).
That’s a sure way to motivate people to rmt even more lmao

Also pissed about aeromancer, like you guys i was really looking forward for this class especially since i played it already (well i did wait 10months to play my reaper main again since i moved from RU…) but having slayer released first and the other class months later is a slap in the face.
AGS could you please respect your customers?
Classes are not content !
And releasing the new class with akkhan really?
Can’t we have at least 3weeks to prepare for it?