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Can someone please tell me why don’t we have communication during working hours in EU?

I cannot wrap my head around this… There is no contact from the other side, but there are so many threads (positive/neutral/negative) which need answers (obviously not support related, there’s separate staff for that).


They are too busy deleting threads dude


They left cause Lost Ark sucks.


yeah, Puffco made too many threads, u know how long it takes to manage this guy? :wink:


I think they use the EU working hours to rig the next skins, so every class can use them.


They are probably working hard for the update

Thursday in 4 days, I SERIOUSLY hope they are not working on anything and it’s ready to be deployed.

Since they havent set a date i would imagine they are working hard to release it this thursday if they dont make it it’s next thursday.

EU doesnt exist according to them, it been that way since launch.


The publisher is from NA why would the work around EU hours?

Why did they release game for EU then? :neutral_face:

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What kind of question is that? Lol

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Do you know how many posts these forums receive per day?

Now this stat is a few weeks old, so it has likely decreased, but that’s 45,000 rants, passive agressive, complaints, praise, questions, spam, you-name-it comments for the team to sift through.

EU region has further complications. Lost Ark officially supports 4 languages in the Westen Release. No doubt Amazon could probably recruit a handful of people who are fluent in all 4 languages, but is that resource best spent on a discussion forum, rather than their official game support as an example?

A response to these posts is always fantastic, but let us not forget, nowhere does it indicate staff members will respond, or even monitor these forums. It’s a positive that the team does when they can.


Well to be honest it’s an easy question to answer. they shouldnt. not in the cost of NA players. They can tho do seperate update times and schedule. Why shouldn’t they try to cater to both also when EU playerbase is bigger than NA.

He didnt state they should answer every single question. They arent answering ANY posts. To your message about there not being written anywhere that staff members will respond or even monitor these forums: They have litterally done it for almost 2 months. People will obviosly expect it and them just stopping out of no where IS going to confuse people. I don’t people like you with low expectations, but i think we should expect the most of them so they are most likely to provide a better experience.

Hey man. I don’t deal in speculation. Only facts.

If it’s your expectation for them to reply because they have for 2 months, that’s fine. But I wouldn’t personally agree it’s obvious unless there was a disclaimer confirming these forums were monitored etc.

But I agree that people may find it confusing. But from my personal opinion, I could also see why AGS would focus their resources on player support rather than a community forum.

That being said, I know at one point a CM did indicate they are reviewing their staff levels for potential future recruitment.

We’re working on scaling up the team, especially the Europe team (you can check it out yourself on, especially if you know anyone that’s a good fit :wink:). That said, it’s Monday morning (where I am), and a CMs job is not only to post on the forums – like any job, there’s always a good amount of work to catch up on when you’re starting the week.


i´m always gonna choose a title like yours now, 1hour is not bad to get an answer :smiley:

You guys really should hire babysitters to manage this forum


The only english speaking CMs are all americans and dont start work till evening time for us. The king/queen, @Maselbart , is the only EU CM who works during our time as far as ive seen