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For a mmo of this scale theres a severe lack of actual people doing important stuff. Or its outsourced by 3rd parties who have no idea what they are doing.

One CM for each language the game supports should be the absolute minimum.

Yup! Maselbart has specifically been hired for the German community, though he’ll hop around a bit when he can. We have listings for other Europe based folks to cover elsewhere as well.

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Apply to be CM.

I believe Maselbart said days ago there are vacants for french and english in EU.

Plus with weekend just passing is known they don’t work on weekends except for very puntual things regarding resets or critical issues

ill be a CM if i can work from home :slight_smile:

Edit: i feel like im on the forum enough to already be one LOL

100% this, any relevant posts get deleted, now we just bathe in the spam

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Relevant posts? Here in this forum?

:joy: :joy: :joy:

If this forum is not relevant for you then why are you here :joy: :joy: :joy:

Beacuse its funny.

So, you are here only for trolling, I get it

No im not here for trolling, Im here because its funny. And if you say there are relevant posts ill come even more often trying to find at least one :rofl:

Why else? Money

AWS has datacenters in “regions” all across the world. The foundation is already there to host these games on any continent

Thank the Lord and whoever’s in charge over there. That’s good news, more hands make for lighter work. (or at least company while you are at it.)

And posts, apparently. I had one deleted after stating an actual biological fact that nobody can deny. Facts get trumped by feelings I guess to a percentage of the population. You can be like Puffco and blatantly troll and spam and it’s A-OK but how dare anyone state an actual biological fact that is based on reality and is irrefutable instead of fantasy and how one feeeeeeeeeels.

What an absolute clown world we live in where reality is considered offensive to some people because it hurts their feelings. I can’t even fathom what this world is going to be like in even a decade at the rate it is going with this insanity. Idiocracy is going to look like a great place compared to reality.


Just applied for 1 of the positions myself (not CM tho). Thanks for the heads up about the listings!

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i fully endorse this person. i am their mentor.



For what role if I may ask? I’ve been looking to apply myself but can’t find anything about LOA or something similar to it! D:

I noticed there was a database administrator role that specifically said for the lost ark servers so i thought id try my luck

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I work from home so I don’t think that’d be a problem :smiley:


Qualifications? and or job description xD

If one of the qualifications are to have a dog named Mokoko, i’ve accomplished that much

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