Last Thoughts about LA

Since I started playing lost ark I can remember very few times when I had any connection problems.
After the july update not only me, but many other players started to have several difficulties to play.
First we could not play for 5 minutes the game would crash, then the disconnections during a transition from one gate to another in argos and soon after several problems with the legions. Among them: losing chests, losing the run due to tickets we didn’t receive, game closing by itself and so on.
I am sorry because the game is really good, but it seems that who takes care of the technical part does not care much.
It has been more than 6 months, not 5,10,30 days, but 6 months and we still remain with the same problems.
Yesterday I tried to do kongelanium, took 5 disconnections because of loading screen, today I lost chest in legion because my game closed because of SPELPWP1P2NT error.
There were many posts, many people stopped playing, a lot of annoyance and what we get are generic answers about things we already tested and it doesn’t work.
And my feedback is this, to know that the game that I most like to play has several connection problems, but that because this affects a few people do not solve, do not care.
I give up trying to seek help because I already understand that they will not solve it.