Last twitch drop got cut short without warning

says here: Starting on June 30 at 8AM PT (3PM UTC) and running through July 27.
Today is July 22nd but you can no longer get it, it has been replaced by the new drop, why not just let us get both or atleast wait the 5 days to start the new drop, like it was scheduled? I wasn’t able to get it now because of this.

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That is actually really unfortunate and I think they should fix that

Guessing the date listed on the website was a typo

I can’t say if the twitch page had that date from the start or it was changed only now when it ended today and the new drop started, but I really don’t think it would hurt them if they just extended the drop to the date they actually put on their official website as a show of good faith.



Thanks though, didn’t know of this new drop

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Was bummed when this was not available anymore.