Last(15th) Giant Heart

Hello Guys,

I just walked into a kind of annyoing situation concerning the last Giant Heart.
The last Heart wants you to run the Abyssel Dungeon “Gate of Paradise - Alarics Sanctuary”.
The Quest is bound to the Character you started it with, and can´t be abandoned or transfered or w/e to another Char. As i already finished this Dungeon with the Char i started the quest with, i have to wait until next reset to actually get the Quest finished.
To other Players, just take care that you dont make the same mistake like me :slight_smile:
To Smilegate, why do you force me to finish this Quest on this excact Character? Why am i not allowed to abandon it and start it on a different Character again? Why am i not allowed to run the Dungeon as often as i want? Just dont give me any Loot for further succesful runs, but when i wanted to do the Dungeon 100 times a week why would you not allow it?

As i said in the beginning, im more annoyed of myself than beeing angry on SMG, nevertheless, i think its still worth to think about if some mechanics works as fine as they could.



You can’t do it again so you can’t carry a lot of people over the week, specially as this can be a “paid carry”, so it’s a useful feature. And it is only a week lol, it doesn’t make a lot of difference as the reward isn’t game changing.