Latency issue on Regulus for Ontario-CA?

Is there some sort of regional network issue for Regulus or possibility NA-East DCs?

Seems like majority of my friends in and around the GTA region are having 70ms + ping with random 500ms + spikes.

EDIT: Seems like issues are resolved now.


same issue on Danube,US-east from Toronto.On

Yep same here, asked in area chat if anyone is experiencing the same and some people said no some yes… first time this is happening… ping tests coming out as normal, super strange, US-east from toronto also

Galatur-US East, also from Southern Ontario getting really bad latency. Spiking between 500-2000ms frequently.

Happening here as well in Ontario, Canada on Avesta NA East.
From 60ms to anywhere up to 1100ms (mostly 400-600ms) then back down to 60ms. Had to get off.

US-East Avesta also having latency issues in Ontario as well. No problems with any other games.